Eye Injuries on Construction Sites in New York

Did You Suffer a Construction Site Eye Injury?

Injuries affecting the eyes can have devastating consequences for victims and their families. While anyone may be susceptible to eye injuries, workers in the construction industry face some of the greatest risks for painful and even permanent eye damage – whether it’s due to foreign materials or blunt force trauma, repetitive stress or exposure, or infectious disease.

At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., our attorneys have become known for protecting the rights and futures of injured construction workers. If you or a construction worker in your family have sustained an injury to one or both eyes as a result of performing work-related duties, our team is available to help you explore your options for recovering needed compensation.

Why Choose The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.?

The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., has become one of New York’s most highly trusted construction accident firms under the leadership of David Perecman – a respected trial attorney whose insight has become invaluable to victims, fellow attorneys, and construction industry safety advocates.

Mr. Perecman and our team are continually trusted by tradesmen, union members, and other construction workers across NYC and the state for a number of reasons, including:

  • Proven Record: We’ve recovered over 50 verdicts and settlements of a million dollars or more for our clients in the last five years alone.
  • Influential Cases: Our work has helped expand construction workers’ rights and shape New York Labor Law;
  • Experience & Background: Our team includes top trial lawyers, construction site safety experts and engineers, and former police officers working as investigators.
  • Nationally Recognized: We’re rated among U.S. News’ “Best Law Firms”

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Construction Eye & Vision Injuries

The U.S. CDC reports that eye injuries are some of the most devastating physical injuries among American workers. They’re also incredibly common, causing more than 10,600 workers to miss work each year, and over 2,000 workers to seek medical treatment for job-related injuries affecting one or both eyes.

Workers who pursue personal injury or workers’ compensation claims concerning eye injuries or vision loss may do so over many different causes, some of which may involve:

Eye injuries have the potential to not only cause significant pain and suffering, but also partial or total vision loss, visual disturbances, and issues with depth perception, field of vision, and other visual abilities crucial to construction work. As a result, it is not uncommon for eye injuries to inhibit workers from quickly returning to work, performing the same type of work they once did, or maintaining any gainful employment whatsoever.

Injured Workers’ Rights

Because every construction accident case is different, whether you have a potential claim (and how much that claim is worth) will be dependent on the unique circumstances surrounding your accident and injury. For example, workers who suffer eye injuries may have the right to seek financial compensation for their losses by pursuing:

  • Workers’ compensation claims (even if they caused their own injuries);
  • Civil personal injury lawsuits (which can provide more compensation than workers’ comp);
  • Claims against negligent contractors and / or employers that violate NY Labor Laws;
  • Product liability claims against manufactures, distributors, or retailers of defective products or toxic substances;
  • Premises liability claims against negligent building or property owners.

Backed by a team that leverages decades of experience in a range of construction and workplace injury cases, our firm is able to help workers and families explore their available options following work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

For those with valid claims, we focus on conducting detailed investigations, gathering relevant evidence, and tapping into our resources and professional connections with industry experts to build the strongest possible claims, and pursue the maximum compensation possible.

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