Weather-Related Construction Accident in NYC

Did You Suffer a Weather Related Construction Injury?

New York is home to all four seasons, and although that makes for picturesque settings, it can also create substantial risks for construction workers who must brave inclement conditions and an array of weather-related hazards that make their jobs even more dangerous than they already are. From freezing temperatures, ice, and snow to slush, rain, wind, and more, adverse weather conditions can quickly turn a construction site into a ticking time bomb filled with serious hazards.

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Adverse Weather & Construction Accidents

Having served New York City construction workers and families since 1983, The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., has handled many construction accident cases involving various weather-related conditions. Although these cases were all unique, they often involved the negligence and failures of businesses, contractors, and others in position to ensure the safety of workers and passerby. That’s not only because any misstep is magnified in adverse weather, but also because seasonal changes and weather conditions often require certain steps to be taken.

Slippery surfaces, cold weather, and moisture comprise some of the most significant risks on any worksite. Examples of common construction accidents and injuries involves these types of weather-related dangers include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – Slippery roads increase the risks of all types of auto accidents. Should commercial vehicles be involved, risks for serious and fatal injuries increase dramatically.
  • Slip and fall accidents – Slips and falls are among of the leading causes of work-related injuries, and include not only falls on even surfaces, but also falls from heights and accidents involving laddersscaffolding, and lifts / hoists.
  • Crane accidents – Cranes and hoists are key features on many worksites, but they can become hazards in poor weather, including high winds, rain, and snow.
  • Falling object accidents – In addition to posing risks of slips and falls and vehicle crashes, wet and slippery conditions can also increase risks for falling objects and struck-by-object injuries.
  • Weather-related injuries – Construction workers who perform job-duties outdoors face additional stress on their skin and bodies in poor weather, increasing risks for injuries such as immersion / trench foot, hypothermia, and frostbite, especially when works don faulty safety equipment or lack the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning also increase during winter months when gas-powered equipment (including heaters) are used in enclosed areas.
  • Electrocution / Fires – Downed power lines and trees, as well as wet conditions, can create hazards for electrical injuries and electrocution. Damage to electrical wiring and gas lines caused rain or wind may also result in fires and explosions.
  • Building collapses – Buildings not built to code are more vulnerable to collapsing in adverse weather, as are structures under construction.

Weather is by no means a new phenomenon, which is why regulators and lawmakers are well aware of how averse weather can increase risks for various types of accidents on construction sites. As such, there are often procedures by which employers, premises owners, and others must conduct themselves to ensure the safety of workers and anyone nearby. That includes compliance with various New York State Labor Laws, OSHA regulations, and rules for avoiding the use of certain machines, such as cranes in high winds.

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