Undocumented Worker Injuries in New York

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Did You Suffer a Construction Injury as an Undocumented Worker?

America is a nation of immigrants, and it’s been built by the contributions and hard work of those who came from countries abroad. Though the tireless efforts of migrant workers are critical to our country’s growth and prosperity, many have fears about coming forward after they’ve been injured on the job.

If you or someone you know are an undocumented construction worker and have been hurt in a construction accident anywhere in New York – you have the same rights as any U.S. citizen to workers’ compensation, and the same right to file a personal injury lawsuit if those injuries were caused by another’s negligent or careless acts.

At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., our New York City construction accident lawyers represent many clients who were born in other countries, have different immigrant statuses, or who are considered “undocumented.” Though you may have concerns about your undocumented status after a construction accident, you should not be intimidated by employers or other companies, fear deportation for reporting work-related accidents, or suffer in silence. Our attorneys are here to help.

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Construction Accidents & Undocumented Workers in New York

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries, and it is often supported by immigrant workers. Carpenters, tradesmen, and other laborers who brave extreme risks on construction sites in order to support themselves and their families do have rights, regardless of their immigration status. That includes the right to compensation after construction accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases.

Unfortunately, companies and contractors often treat immigrant workers poorly after worksite accidents. Coupled with political views on aggressive immigration policies, this causes many undocumented workers to not report their accidents or seek legal help to obtain the medical treatment, benefits, and compensation they need for fear of being detained or deported.

The result is often pain, money problems, and suffering for workers and their families, and a free pass for companies that violate the Labor Law and their duties to protect workers.

Latino and immigrant workers’ lives are not expendable, and thanks to New York Laws, employers can’t treat them as if they are.

Your Rights As An Undocumented Construction Worker in New York

Because construction deaths and injuries have been a major problem for immigrant communities in New York, New York laws support all injured construction workers. That includes Intro-1447, which requires employers to properly train workers, provide them with the equipment they need, and take the steps they are required to take to keep them safe. It also includes the New York Labor Law, workers’ comp laws, and more.

No matter if a person is union or non-union, documented or undocumented, all workers should be protected in the workplace. It is why undocumented construction workers in NYC have the right to:

  • Workers’ Compensation – Under NY law, all workers no matter their country of origin or immigration status, have the right to workers’ compensation. That means medical benefits, wage benefits, and other resources.
  • Personal Injury Lawsuit – A worker’s immigration status does not matter in a personal injury lawsuit. If you are an undocumented worker, you still have the right to sue over preventable injuries. This holds companies accountable, and is an opportunity for compensation to cover medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

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By reporting a workplace accident with the help of our attorneys, you do not have to feel intimidated by employers or responsible parties, or misled into believing you don’t have rights. Our construction accident lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and are available to help you learn more about moving forward with your workers’ comp or personal injury case during a free and confidential consultation.

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