Over Half a Billion Dollars in Verdicts & Settlements

Recovered by Our New York City Injury Attorneys

Listed below are sample verdicts and settlements we have won for our clients. Of course, comparisons are always approximate, since no two cases are exactly alike.

There are no guarantees, but should you retain The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., you can be confident that our attorneys are prepared to provide your case with the time, dedication, and resources necessary to secure the largest possible verdict or settlement permitted under the law. Contact our team today at (212) 577-9325 for a free consultation with a New York City personal injury lawyer from The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C.

Keep reading below to see some of our select verdicts and settlements for New York City personal injury victims!

Brain Damage
Child’s brain damage. Total amount of payout of structured settlement. * $40 million - structured settlement total payout
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Chemical Burns
Lead paint remover on hands causing burns. Total amount of payout of mediated settlement. * $2.7 million - mediated settlement total payout
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Wrongful Incarceration
Wrongful imprisonment. Total amount of settlement. * $4 million settlement
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Fell from Ladder
A Manhattan jury awarded a sheet metal worker over $15 million* in damages for injuries sustained when a ladder kicked out from under him, causing him to fall 8 feet to the ground. ClockTower Studio – General Directory injured his arm and knee. The defense argued that the plaintiff was the sole cause of the accident. Through extensive questioning, David Perecman proved that the accident was, in fact, solely the fault of the defendant. The defense scoffed at Perecman’s demand to settle the case for $10 million, arguing that the plaintiff was in it only for the money so Perecman took the verdict. The jury awarded the plaintiff $15.2 million. * $15 million - final settlement $7.940 million
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Union Driver Injured
At mediation for a union driver injured in a fall from a truck. The Firm successfully argued that the defendant had violated Section 240(1) of the New York State Labor Law (“Scaffold Law”). Less than two years after the accident and before any depositions, we successfully negotiated a settlement of $12,000,000 plus a full waiver of the workers’ compensation lien of more than $2 million.
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Fell from Scaffold
Construction Accident. Union worker fell from suspension scaffold sustaining injury to back. * Case settled pursuant to stipulated amount of $5,000,000
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Injured worker on jobsite
For a man requiring an amputation as a result of workplace injury. We were able to win summary judgment in this case that had controversial liability and also obtain waiver of the workers’ compensation lien as part of the settlement.
Fell from Scaffold
Laborer fell from a suspended scaffold. Case settled after jury verdict for $10,000,000.
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Fell from Scaffold
Settlement for Union laborer who fell from a rolling scaffold.
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Fall from Scaffold
Construction worker/laborer fell from the scaffold, jury verdict. * Case settled after verdict for $4,450,000
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