Pedestrian Construction Accident Lawyer in NYC

Were You Involved in a New York Pedestrian Construction Site Accident?

Union members, contractors, and others who make a living in construction may know they face a variety of risks when performing job duties on worksites, but pedestrians and non-workers aren’t always aware they too face significant risks of accidents and injuries whenever they are in or near construction zones.

As a law firm that’s become known for representing victims harmed in all types of construction accidents, The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., knows worksites pose risks to everyone nearby – pedestrians, bicyclists, and non-construction workers included.

Backed by decades of experience and extensive insight into New York laws regarding construction site safety, premises liability, and the rights of victims who suffer preventable injuries, we have the tools to help pedestrians and non-workers injured on construction sites fight for the compensation they deserve.

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Pedestrian / Non-Worker Injuries on Construction Sites

In a city as dense and busy as New York City, construction sites can be, and are, just about anywhere and everywhere. While that may be a sign of progress and development for which NYC has become known, it’s also cause for concern for the many pedestrians and non-workers who must navigate through and near dangerous construction sites on a daily basis – and who sometimes suffer harm due to avoidable hazards.

Construction sites pose significant dangers to non-workers, as well as risks for specific types of accidents and injuries. Some of the most common risks include:

  • Construction Site Debris – Whether it’s a demolition site, new construction, renovation, or another form of construction work, construction sites can quickly become filled with debris which pose risks of trip and fall accidents, falling objects, and other dangers to passersby. Non-workers injured by construction debris may have grounds to pursue personal injury claims against property owners, contractors, or other negligent parties.
  • Construction Site Vehicle Accidents – Construction sites may be home to many different types of motor vehicles, from standard passenger cars and trucks to large and dangerous commercial trucks, Bobcats, cranes, forklifts, and specialized automobiles / mobile machinery. When vehicle operators, employers, and workers on-site fail to adequately manage risks associated with construction vehicle accidents, they may be held liable for non-worker injuries.
  • Lack of Proper Signage – New York heavily regulates construction sites, and requires clear barriers and signs to be posted, warning pedestrians and other passersby about any construction in progress, and preventing them from gaining access to hazardous areas. Failures to erect barriers and / or adequately warn non-workers can lead to otherwise preventable accidents, and potential liability for victims’ damages.
  • Falls & Falling Objects – Falls and falling objects are among OSHA’s infamous “Fatal Four” leading causes of construction deaths, but workers are not the only ones to face these potentially devastating hazards. Pedestrians, cyclists, and others who pass near or through construction sites can fall victim to injuries suffered as a result of falls (including trip and falls over debris, or falls into open holes or trenches, or from heights), as well as falling objects (including tools, materials, and debris from scaffolding or elevated worksites that can cause traumatic brain injuries or other serious injuries).
  • Toxic Exposure, Fires & Explosions – Workers on construction sites often handle materials, electrical components, natural gas lines, and machinery that can pose risks of fires or explosions, as well as exposure to toxic chemicals, especially when risks are not properly managed. Should pedestrians or nearby residents suffer harm as a result of exposure, fires, or explosions on worksites, they may have the right to seek compensation from the at-fault party.
  • Defective Products – Workers depend on the tools and materials they use to function as intended; both for the safety of themselves and other laborers, and for any passersby. Should defective products result in injuries to pedestrians or non-workers (such as defective materials, tools, or machinery), victims may choose to explore potential product liability claims as a means to recover their damages.

Protect yourself and your loved ones as a pedestrian or non-worker by brushing up on some important construction site safety tips.

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