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Did You Suffer Injuries from a Hoist Accident?

In New York City, many construction sites require workers to perform their jobs from heights. In order to transport materials and workers to top floors, contractors and construction companies often erect hoists, lifts, and temporary elevators. When these hoists are poorly constructed, improperly operated, or used in a negligent manner, workers face tremendous risks of suffering serious if not fatal harm.

As one of New York City’s leading construction accident law firms, The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., knows it is absolutely vital dangerous equipment like hoists be used in a safe and compliant manner. We also know negligence, Labor Law violations, and other failures can spell disaster for workers. If you or someone you love has been injured in a hoist accident, or if you have lost a loved one in a construction accident involving a hoist, lift, or temporary elevator, our award-winning attorneys are here to help.

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Accidents Involving Construction Hoists, Lifts & Elevators

Construction hoists come in all shapes and sizes, and offer various features. Some may be simple line or pulley rigs used to carry small supplies, or may be larger chain, trolley, or ratchet lever hoists used as transport platforms or material lifts to ferry larger materials quickly and effectively. Others may be similar to temporary elevators which transport works and large machinery to top tiers of high-rise buildings, or electric chain and wire hoists which carry and lower very heavy loads.

Although there may be specific regulations pertaining to certain types of hoists or lifts used for specific purposes, all construction hoists must be properly constructed, safely operated by trained personnel, and kept free from potential hazards that put workers at risk. Examples of common construction accidents involving hoists include:

Hoist Regulations & Violations

Risks associated with mobile cranes, overhead cranes, and hoist operation are well known, which is why New York Labor Law and OSHA regulations strictly enforce standards. Unfortunately, not all contractors, building owners, or workers take the steps to ensure compliance with these laws. As a result, their violations can and often do result in serious accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Exploring whether workplace safety regulations were violated is an important place to start in any accident case. Examples of hoist-related issues and violations our attorneys look for include:

  • Failures to perform detailed and regular inspections
  • Improperly secured materials and equipment
  • Negligent construction or operation
  • Failure to meet manufacturer recommendations
  • Damage to ropes, chains, hooks, brakes and other hoist components
  • Defectively designed or manufactured equipment
  • Violations of safe load limits / overloaded hoists
  • Violations of NY Labor Law Sections 200, 240, and 241

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