Electrocution Accident Lawyer in New York City

engineer or electrician is electrocuted to the ground.

Electrocution accidents can have far-reaching and life-altering consequences for workers in New York City. Exposure to electrical currents in the workplace can lead to severe burns, nerve damage, heart attacks, recurring seizures, and more.

Treating these issues can come with significant expenses, and affected individuals may be temporarily or permanently unable to work. Electrocution accidents are often psychologically traumatic, resulting in severe PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Some electrocution incidents result in death.

If you have suffered these types of injuries and losses, our New York City electrocution accident lawyers want to help you pursue maximum compensation. The attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., have extensive experience fighting for the rights of injured workers in NYC. We are ready to put our knowledge and skills to work for you.

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Why You Need Our NYC Electrocution Accident Attorneys

Securing compensation after an electrocution accident in NYC can feel overwhelming. Knowing where to begin, what evidence is necessary, and how to hold the responsible parties accountable can be daunting for anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with New York personal injury and labor laws.

Dealing with insurance companies and legal proceedings can feel particularly challenging when you are recovering from a severe electrocution injury. Working with our New York electrocution accident lawyers can give you the support, advocacy, and confidence you need at this challenging time.

The experienced electrocution injury attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., have been helping injured people in NYC secure the compensation they deserve for over 40 years. Our legal team has recovered more than half a billion dollars for our clients. We stand ready to fight for the maximum compensation available in your case. Let us handle the complex legal procedures while you focus on your recovery.

Main Types of Electrical Injuries and Accidents

Electrocution injuries come in many forms and can lead to devastating health outcomes. Some examples of the main types of electrical accidents and injuries include:

  • Electrical shock – Electrical shocks cause violent muscle contractions, potentially leading to falls or collisions. A shock can also stop the heart and lungs, often causing fatal electrocutions.
  • Electrocution – This occurs when a high-voltage electric current passes through the body, resulting in severe burns, cardiac arrest, neurological damage, or death.
  • Arc flashes – These are explosive bursts of radiation caused by short circuits. They can lead to severe burns, damage to the respiratory system, and skin lacerations from flying debris.
  • Electrical burns and thermal contact burns – Burns from direct contact with electrical currents can damage skin, tissue, and bone. They can be disfiguring and disabling.
  • Secondary injuries – Many injuries from electrocution accidents happen due to a domino effect. These injuries may include fractures, traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, etc., caused by falls or collisions due to electric shocks.

Common Hazards That Lead to Electrocution

Common hazards that can lead to electrocution accidents on construction sites and at other workplaces include:

  • Faulty wiring, frayed cords, and poor electrical connections
  • Overloaded circuits and outlets
  • Defective equipment, including tools, machinery, and other equipment
  • Faulty electrical panels, breakers, and transformers
  • Improper grounding of electrical equipment
  • Downed power lines or contact with overhead power lines
  • Proximity to high-voltage lines and equipment
  • Wet conditions near electricity
  • Lack of proper training on electrical equipment
  • Failure to shut off and lock out power before working
  • Safety violations when working with electricity

Our experienced attorneys can conduct an investigation of the accident and its causes to lay the foundation for a powerful claim for the maximum possible compensation.

Common Occupations That Experience Electrical Accidents in NYC

Electrical accidents can occur in virtually any line of work. Some common occupations in NYC that experience electrical accidents include:

  • Electricians
  • Construction workers
  • Plumbers
  • HVAC technicians
  • Utility workers
  • Manufacturing and factory workers
  • Custodial and maintenance staff
  • Telecommunications technicians
  • Equipment operators
  • Landscapers
  • Any job requiring proximity to electrical sources

Are There Labor Laws in Place to Protect Employees Injured in Electrocution Accidents?

The State of New York has enacted labor laws to protect employees injured in workplace electrocution accidents, including:

These laws make property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and employers liable for injuries if they violate the statutes and a worker gets hurt.

The laws apply to electricians, construction workers, and others injured by electrocution due to unsafe conditions, practices, or lack of protective equipment. Our experienced electrocution accident attorneys can determine which laws may apply in your case and help you pursue compensation for your covered losses.

Workers’ Compensation Claims for Victims of Workplace Electrocution

Even if your employer is not liable under New York labor laws, you may still have the option to file a workers’ compensation claim. Most New York employers with one or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers’ comp can provide money for medical expenses and partial income replacement for an injury you incurred while working, regardless of who was to blame for your injuries.

Statute of Limitations for NYC Electrocution Cases

The deadline for electrocution accident claims depends on the circumstances and the type of case. If you are claiming that a particular party was liable for your injuries, you have a maximum of three years to file a lawsuit to seek compensation. However, New York allows a maximum of two years for workers’ compensation cases.

Determining which options are most favorable in your case requires input from a qualified legal professional. Speak to a personal injury attorney from our law office as soon as possible to avoid missing any statutory deadlines.

Talk to Our NYC Electrical Injury Attorneys

Life after an electrocution accident can feel confusing and lonely. However, it is crucial to remember that you do not have to handle your case alone. Our electrocution injury lawyers in NYC can help you secure a brighter future.

The attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., are ready to investigate the accident, calculate the value of your injury-related losses, and negotiate aggressively with the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. If necessary, we will take your case to trial. Along the way, our team will give you the individualized attention and support you deserve.

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