Ceiling & Building Collapse Injuries

debris from ceiling collapse scattered over small table and chairs

Injured? Our New York City Premises Accident Attorneys Can Help

When we are in our own apartments or we go to work, we expect the structure to be secure. Unfortunately, sometimes a construction defect, improper maintenance, or some other problem might cause significant damage to the structure, the ceiling or entire building. When that occurs the structure, even the building, can collapse, injuring anyone inside. These types of accident can frequently cause crush injuries, brain damage, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or worse. In some situations, it may even result in the death of the victim or victims.

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Who Is Considered Liable?

If a ceiling or building collapses, it is important to understand who may be liable for the damages sustained. It can be confusing, however, because there are several parties who may be held accountable depending on the situation.

The parties who may be responsible include the following:

  • Subcontractors can be held accountable if there is an issue with the structure, the building was built below standards and was non-compliant with New York Building Codes, or leaky pipes were installed and the ceiling or buildings foundation was impacted.
  • General contractors may be responsible if they did not properly inspect the structure during the building phase, did not properly supervise the build, or if they conducted the faulty work themselves.
  • Property owners may be liable if they know of a dangerous condition with the structure and they fail to repair it. Further, the property owner may be at fault if they cause or create the dangerous condition. A property might also be at fault if it improperly maintains the property.
  • Building management or maintenance companies could also be responsible for an injury because of their failure to properly and safely maintain and/or repair the building or structure.

Whether there is an issue with the ceiling itself or the foundation is bad and the whole building collapses, it can result in a serious injury. This can impact an entire life and leave the injury victims facing physical, emotional, or financial hardships. Taking legal action allows the injury victim — or the family of someone who was killed as a result of the collapse — to recover damages resulting from the injuries.

Filing a Claim for Damages

Before you move forward, there are some steps that you should take to file a claim. First, make sure you seek the medical attention you deserve. Then contact a New York City premises accident attorney to discuss your rights. A lawyer can help protect you from unfair settlement offers and guide you through the process. At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., we can help father the necessary evidence to take action on your behalf and hold the negligent party financially accountable for their actions.

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