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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), child restraint manufacturers, and personal injury lawyers at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., all recommend that child safety seats be replaced following a moderate or severe car accident. There are different viewpoints on replacing car seats that have been in a minor crash. The NHTSA said that child safety […]

Car accidents can lead to a herniated disc, as well as nerve damage. The disc injury and nerve injury can be related, such as when a slipped or herniated disc causes a pinched nerve, nerve impingement, radiculopathy, or chronic pain. It is not uncommon for people injured in a car accident to suffer from herniated discs, […]

An impact to the head or face or any type of head injury can affect a person’s vision. A leading cause of head injuries are car accidents. Trauma to the brain can occur during a car accident when a person’s skull hits an object like the windshield or the steering wheel. Loss of sight, blindness, or other […]

San Francisco designer Brian Singer created a billboard campaign to “embarrass the shameful, dangerous behavior” of people who choose to text and driver. He has been collecting photos of drivers texting while in traffic (“TWIT”) and putting them up on billboards around the city. In a number of the photos, the artist circled the distraction […]

Auto accident lawyer David Perecman, founder of The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., wants to remind drivers in New York to drive carefully on icy roads. An accident in Tonawanda, NY believed to be caused by black ice caused a twenty-car pileup on the I-29 ramp to I-190 South. WIVB (11.12.13) reported that no one was seriously […]

Driver fled scene after collision that killed expectant parents, child A March 3 hit-and-run accident made international news when a car collision left a man and his pregnant wife dead after their cab was struck by an allegedly speeding driver who ran from the scene. The couple was killed while they were on their way […]

When Martin Scorsese directed the film “Mean Streets” back in 1973, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker described the movie as the tale of a small-time hood who struggles to succeed on the mean streets of New York. But unlike Scorsese, when David Perecman, the New York City pedestrian accident lawyer describes the city’s “mean streets,” he’s […]