Category: Civil Rights

A viral video allegedly exposing a New York Police Department racial profiling incident was put online on October 19 and received more than 200,000 views within three days. Footage showed a NYPD police officer frisking a pair of Muslim men twenty minutes after they changed from Western clothing into traditional Islamic dress. Four days later, […]

Attorney at Law David Perecman believes police departments need to hold officers more accountable for treating racial groups equally. Apparently, the New York Police Department needs to continue making changes to ensure blacks have equal rights with whites. According to New York Magazine (10.1.14), a police cruiser tried to get a group of black teenagers to leave […]

Pennsylvania Senator Jim Ferlo formally told the world that he was gay while speaking at a rally in support of changing the state’s hate crime law. Ferlo and Representative Brian Sims of Philadelphia, who is also a member of the LGBT community, were speaking in Harrisburg to help push support for Senate Bill 42 and […]

Newly adopted state guidelines allow police to videotape interrogations in an effort to decrease claims of police misconduct and to protect suspects from making false confessions. NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 22, 2010 – In an effort to protect against convictions reached from false confessions and to protect officers from claims of coercion and […]