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pedestrians crossing street at a NYC intersection

When you’re walking around New York City, you should always take care to be alert and aware of your surroundings for your own safety. Bustling intersections, crowded sidewalks, and busy crosswalks all present potential dangers to people on foot, even locals and lifelong natives to the city. By following a few simple tips, you can […]

bike lane

Biking in New York City isn’t for the faint of heart. But as lawmakers have begun to prioritize protections for cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users, they’ve landed on an idea that could very well reshape how people commute across the City’s busy neighborhoods: concrete-protected bike lanes. As reported by Curbed, NYC Transportation Commissioner Ydanis […]

raised crosswalk

Felt a bump when driving through an intersection lately? It’s possible you were riding through one of the 17 raised crosswalks freshly installed at intersections across New York City. According to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), the new crosswalks are constructed at a higher elevation than the roadway to slow down motorists, provide enhanced […]

Busy crosswalk in NY

Despite NYC’s “Vision Zero” program, launched five years ago with a goal to eliminate all fatalities on City roads, traffic deaths remain high – especially for bicyclists and pedestrians. The usual culprit? Careless drivers. In a recently published article, New York Times staff combing through troves of city data revealed some sobering findings about the […]

Injured Bicyclist

Car accidents can cause devastating injuries and even kill victims in any situation, but they can become even more dangerous when a pedestrian is involved. If you were hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk, using a crosswalk, getting out of your car, or anywhere else, it’s important to know what to do next. Try […]

bike accident

After two years of decreasing traffic-related pedestrian and cyclist deaths, the reports coming out of the third year of New York City’s Vision Zero initiative show that the number of traffic deaths jumped up in 2016. While the total number of traffic-related deaths in 2016 was the lowest since New York City began recording these figures in […]

As students go back to school, an article from FOX News (9.1.14) reminds drivers to slow down and watch out for school buses and kids. Said one driver, “drivers and buses have to work together to keep kids safe.” Each year more than a hundred children are killed and thousands are injured in accidents that […]

Personal injury lawyer David Perecman reminds drivers of snow removal vehicles and pedestrians to watch out for each other. A potentially dangerous situation may occur if a pedestrian is unaware that the snow-clearing vehicle is approaching, or if a driver of the machine does not see a pedestrian. In Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, an elderly pedestrian […]