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chalk outline of body with construction worker hard hat on ground

It is no secret that construction is a dangerous profession – but just how dangerous it is may still come as a surprise. Every year, New York City sees dozens of construction-related deaths, making it one of the industry’s most hazardous cities to work in. How Many Deaths Occur Each Year in the Construction Industry? […]

Construction on Buildings

In early July, the New York City Department of Buildings released an interactive map that shows the locations of construction sites where workers, supervisors, and others involved in large construction projects must receive site training. The map displays over 8,000 different worksites across NYC. The DOB’s new map is designed to provide greater clarity about […]

Chest X-Ray

Almost 10,000 first responders and people in the areas surrounding the World Trade Center at the time of the 9/11 attacks have been diagnosed with cancer, and more than 2,000 people have already died because of illnesses attributed to toxic exposure from 9/11. Experts, including World Trade Center Health Program Clinical Center of Excellence at […]


In massive cities filled with skyscrapers like New York City, cranes and crane operators are a regular fixture on almost every single construction site. These workers and machines make so much work possible, but they can also face a considerable amount of danger on construction sites that don’t carefully follow safety regulations. Between 2011 and […]

David Perecman on Pix 11

In light of startling statistics that one child dies every day from choking, Pix 11 featured a story on an invention that could have potentially prevented the deaths of Noelia Echavarria and Dyasha Smith. Arthur Lih was devastated by the startling reality of choking deaths in schools, so he did something about it. Lih invented […]

Family at a Grave

December 12 will mark the 69th anniversary of the ice plant fire that left 37 New York City residents dead. The five-alarm fire went off early in the morning in an ice house that was abandoned. The Manhattan building had a five-story wall collapse, resulting in a neighboring, tenement building crumpling and people being buried under the tons […]

An employee of Ward Lumber died in an on-the-job accident. New York State Police believe the man was killed by a board at the Adirondack lumber mill where he worked. Lance Sawyer III, 22, had been operating a board edger at Ward Lumber in Jay, New York, when the board shot back and struck him […]

A jet bridge allows passengers to board and deplane directly through an airport terminal without having to go outside. A mechanic for American Airlines was killed in an accident at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, reported NBC News (3.2.15). He suffered fatal injuries after falling approximately 14 feet from a jet bridge to the ground below when he […]

When a wrongful death occurs, the family of the person killed may file a claim. Because there may be many close family members who have suffered a loss, New York law specifies who can file the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family. It is important to note that not everyone can file a […]

The tallest buildings in the world, before the construction of the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were monuments of American ingenuity. However, after September 11, 2001, following an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist attack, the site became American hallowed ground. As new construction on the site is underway, the attention of […]