Practice Area Category: Premises Accidents

Settlement at Trial – Man who slipped and fell due to a water leak in his Manhattan apartment.

Adam Hurwitz obtained a $3,500,000 settlement for our client, a union laborer, who sustained back injuries when a roof collapsed during demolition activities.

Settlement at trial. Woman injured when her wheelchair fell into a pothole. Settlement after jury reached a liability verdict.

Eileen Kelly settled a case for $1,750,000 involving a student injured as a result of negligent supervision by the New York City Department of Education.

Jury Verdict. Woman tripped and fell on stairs. Case settled after verdict for $650,000.

Jury verdict for woman who injured knee in fall on stairs in building. Case settled after verdict for $975,000.

54-year-old union mason worker fell on temporary ramp.

Peter Rigelhaupt settled a case at private mediation for $937,500. Our client suffered significant injuries when the bathroom ceiling of her apartment collapsed onto her while getting into the shower.

Man injured in trip and fall at Bronx Zoo.

Janitor injured in trip and fall accident.