Understanding Construction Site Investigations with Attorney, David Perecman

Episode 90:

Welcome to Pi-Perspectives. Today’s guest is NY Attorney, David Perecman. David has had his own practice since 1983 and he offers some great insight on what investigators need to look for when work on a construction site accident. Be prepared to take notes and makes sure you check the show notes for Labor law explanations. Please welcome David Perecman and your host, Private Investigator, Matt Spaier

Overview of Labor Laws 200, 240 & 241
The labor laws in New York State give special protection to workers who are injured in construction accidents. This can include demolition, renovation, alteration, or repair of structures or buildings. When workers are injured due to violations of labor law sections 200, 240, or 241, they may be entitled to recover damages regardless of who was responsible for the accident.

• Section 200 - This part of the labor law requires owners and contractors to take reasonable care to protect workers and provide safe workplaces that are fully under their control. If a worker is seriously injured due to an unsafe workplace, they will likely be entitled to compensation.

• Section 240 - This is a statute that protects the rights of workers injured in high falls or after being struck by a falling object. It is also known as the scaffold law, and under this law, parties such as the general contractor, project owner, project manager, and building owner may all be held responsible.

• Section 241 - This law delineates specific actions that must be carried out on a job site, and specific equipment that must be provided, all in the name of safety. If these actions or equipment are neglected by those in charge, an injured worker will have a strong chance of recovering full damages after their accident.

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