Friday FAQ With Zachary Perecman

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The difference between workers’ compensation claims & personal injury lawsuit claims

Legal options for New Yorkers who are injured in an accident that is partially their fault

What to remember when filing a lawsuit for negligence

Does Comparative Negligence apply to New York’s Scaffold Law?

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New York’s Dramshop Act

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Common misconceptions about New York’s Labor Law Section 240(1)

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I was a pedestrian injured while walking on a public sidewalk next to a construction site. Can I file a claim?

Thank you to our workers

What types of damages can a worker injured in a construction accident recover?

Why is it important to seek immediate medical attention for injuries following an accident?

Do construction workers have to be union members to bring a claim under the scaffold law?

What is an expert witness?

What is mediation?

What are depositions and why are they important?

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Will my case go to trial?

I was injured in a car accident outside of my home state. Can I still file a claim?

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What are the statutes of limitations for construction accident claims?