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airbags deployed in a car

Filing A Product Liability Claim

There are risks that come along with almost every activity in our lives, and that includes getting behind the wheel of a car. Even if you’re just a passenger in the car, we trust our vehicles to keep us safe if we’re ever involved in a crash. One of the most important safety features in any car is the airbag, and it’s responsible for providing the necessary cushion that will keep your head from slamming into a hard surface. No matter what prevented them from working as intended, a defective airbag can result in serious injuries that require immediate medical attention and will lead to costly medical bills.

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What Can Go Wrong?

There are various reasons an airbag could fail to work as intended – the most recent example of this issue is the software issue in nearly 4.3 million General Motors vehicles that prevented their airbags from deploying at all. The company announced this recall on September 9 following months of testing to confirm the issue, and noted that 3.6 million of the vehicles were currently registered to motorists in the United States.

This recall came barely a year after the massive Takata airbag recall which affected about 34 million vehicles, the largest auto recall in United States history. These airbags ran the risk of exploding in the face of the person they were supposed to protect, sending a deadly blast of shrapnel flying in their direction. More than 100 injuries and at least three deaths were linked to this fault, and despite this it took months for the manufacturer to admit that there was any issue with their product.

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Quality Legal Representation

There are more than 250 motor vehicles driving around America today, and while we can’t prevent negligent drivers from causing crashes, we should be able to rely on our own cars to protect us when the worst happens. If you suffered an injury because of an airbag defect, whether it deployed in a dangerous way or failed to deploy at all, contact the NYC product liability attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., today. Our lawyers are prepared to fight to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve, even if it means taking your case to trial. Call us at (212) 577-9325 to speak with one of our attorneys today, or fill out our online form for a free case consultation.