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The loss of a limb is a traumatic experience, one that can affect every aspect of an injured person’s life. If you’ve suffered an amputation in New York City, you could be entitled to compensation for a range of related losses, from the pain of the injury itself to the costs of treating and overcoming it.

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Why You Need Our NYC Amputation Attorneys

Have you suffered a traumatic amputation in an accident or lost a limb due to accident-related injuries? You could be entitled to pursue financial recovery for the expenses and losses you’re experiencing. However, pursuing legal claims can become challenging, especially if liable parties or insurers try to avoid financial responsibility for your injury.

An amputation attorney from The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., can help you demand the accountability and maximum compensation you deserve. For over 40 years, our attorneys have advocated for the rights and interests of injured people like you. We have a proven success record, having recovered more than half a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts to date.

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Common Accidents That Lead to an Amputation Injury

At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., our New York amputation attorneys represent clients who have suffered limb loss due to accidents such as:

Types of Amputation Injuries

Accident victims can suffer various types of amputation injuries, including those involving:

  • Fingers
  • Hands, including partial hand amputation or wrist disarticulation
  • Below-the-elbow arm amputation
  • Elbow disarticulation, or separating the lower arm at the elbow
  • Above-the-elbow arm amputation
  • Shoulder disarticulation, or removing the entire arm at the shoulder
  • Forequarter amputation, or removing the arm and part of the shoulder
  • Toes
  • Feet, including partial foot amputation
  • Ankle disarticulation, or removing the foot at the ankle
  • Below-the-knee leg amputation
  • Knee disarticulation, or removal of the lower leg at the knee
  • Above-the-knee leg amputation
  • Hip disarticulation, or removal of the entire leg at the hip joint
  • Pelvic amputation, or removal of the entire leg and part of the pelvis

Amputation injuries come in two forms: traumatic and surgical. A traumatic amputation occurs when an extremity is severed from the body due to forces on the body in an accident. A surgical amputation is the deliberate medical removal of an extremity from the body, usually because the extremity has suffered too much damage to repair or heal and tissues have become necrotic.

Recovery Process and Complications After Amputation Injuries in NYC

Recovering from an amputation injury may involve a long course of treatment and rehabilitation, depending on the extent of the injury. In most cases, a person with an amputation injury will need a rehabilitation team that includes:

  • A doctor specializing in physical medicine who designs and oversees a treatment plan aimed at helping the patient restore functional abilities
  • A physical therapist who can help the patient build and maintain strength and range of motion and train them in how to use a prosthesis
  • A prosthetist who will fit the patient with a prosthetic limb if they choose to use one
  • Occupational and vocational therapists who can help the patient develop adaptations to perform daily tasks and job functions
  • A rehabilitation psychologist who can help the patient cope with emotions surrounding the injury, such as grief, anger, loss, anxiety, or depression

People with amputation injuries are at risk of various complications during their recovery. For example, the surgical wound at the amputation site may have difficulty properly healing, which can lead to infections or delay the adoption of a prosthesis. Many people with amputations also experience phantom limb or phantom pain syndrome, where the brain continues to sense the missing limb or experience severe pain at the amputation site.

Emotional and Psychological Impacts of Limb Loss

Losing a limb can take a significant emotional and psychological toll on a person. This loss can make it hard to complete daily tasks and job duties and prevent the patient from participating in activities they previously enjoyed, leading, in turn, to psychological despair. A lost limb can also distort a person’s body image and self-esteem, especially if a person feels embarrassment or humiliation over their injury.

Many people who suffer an amputation go through the five stages of grief. The emotional and psychological effects of limb loss can also depend on the circumstances of an amputation, such as whether amputation occurs as part of a planned treatment for a chronic illness or whether amputation occurs suddenly due to an accident or trauma.

Seeking Compensation for Amputation Injury Victims

Amputation injury victims may have various options for seeking compensation for their recovery, depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident that caused the amputation.

If someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior led to the injury, the victim can pursue compensation from that person and their insurance company through a personal injury lawsuit. A worker who loses a limb due to a job-related accident can also file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers may also have grounds to sue employers, contractors, and site owners that violated New York Labor Law §200§240, or §241(6).

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