Fall from Heights

David Perecman settled another construction accident case for over $9 million. In 2006, Ryszard Lomotowski, was working at a construction site located in the High Bridge section of the Bronx when a steel reinforcement bar snapped. He fell 20-25 feet landing on his feet causing severe injuries to his legs.

“Mr. Lomotowski’s injuries could have been prevented if the building owner took the necessary steps to protect the workers and adhere to New York State labor laws. Being that the frame was not covered, all of the workers were exposed and thankfully nobody died on that construction site,” said David Perecman, New York construction injury lawyer. “My client incurred over $150,000 of medical costs and still has to undergo several other treatments that will cost well into the millions. I fought hard because I know what he and his family will face with future medical costs and the pain and suffering of rehabilitation.”