Remembering the 1946 New York City Ice Plant Fire

Family at a Grave

December 12 will mark the 69th anniversary of the ice plant fire that left 37 New York City residents dead. The five-alarm fire went off early in the morning in an ice house that was abandoned. The Manhattan building had a five-story wall collapse, resulting in a neighboring, tenement building crumpling and people being buried under the tons of debris.

Firemen and ambulance rushed to the location and a first aid station was set

up to help injured individuals as they were pulled from the debris. The day before the fire, a small rubbish fire had been put out at the ice plant. The toppling walls was the first cause of reports and the debris from the tenement building had reached the second story. A portion was flattened because of the debris and another was wrecked due to the force of the collapse.

The emergency crews on scene pulled many individuals out of the collapsed building, some alive, some dead. Firemen were unable to save a number of victims who could be heard after the collapse.

This was a big event in our city and it resulted in a large amount of people injured or killed.

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The ice plant fire was one that affected many families and it is something that we remember. We take the time to respect those lost that day.

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