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Did you or someone you love get hurt in a construction accident in Midtown Manhattan? Finding the right lawyer can make a big difference in getting the help and compensation you deserve.

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Why You Need Our Midtown Manhattan Construction Accident Attorneys

Choosing The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., for your Midtown Manhattan construction accident claim means putting over 40 years of legal experience to work for you. Our firm has an impressive track record of success, with more than half a billion dollars recovered for injured people like you.

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What Are the Common Causes and Types of Construction Accidents in Midtown Manhattan?

Construction accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some common causes of construction accidents in Midtown Manhattan:

  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Poor training of workers
  • Failure to provide protective gear
  • Improper use of tools and machinery
  • Lack of proper site inspection
  • Unsafe scaffolding or work platforms
  • Inadequate fall protection
  • Negligent handling of materials
  • Overloading of equipment
  • Electrical hazards
  • Exposed wiring
  • Poor communication
  • Inadequate hazard signage
  • Failure to secure tools and materials
  • Working in adverse weather conditions
  • Mechanical failures
  • Unsafe ladder use
  • Ignoring safety protocols
  • Excavation and trench collapses
  • Overexertion and heat stress

These contributing factors can lead to a wide range of construction accidents, such as:

  • Falls from heights
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Scaffold collapses
  • Ladder accidents
  • Electrical shocks
  • Struck-by falling objects
  • Caught-in-between accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Excavation collapses
  • Crane accidents
  • Welding and cutting accidents
  • Chemical exposure
  • Fires and explosions
  • Overexertion injuries
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Power tool malfunctions
  • Material handling injuries
  • Vehicle-related accidents on site

Common Midtown Manhattan Construction Injuries

Construction accidents in Manhattan can result in a variety of worker injuries, including:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains and strains
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Frostbite and hypothermia
  • Eye injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Respiratory issues
  • Crush injuries
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Puncture wounds
  • Toxic exposure injuries
  • Stress injuries
  • Psychological trauma
  • Fatal injuries

Statistics on Construction Accidents in Midtown Manhattan

In Midtown and throughout Manhattan, the construction industry has experienced a significant number of incidents, injuries, and fatalities, reflecting the risks associated with construction work in such a densely populated area. According to recent data from New York City:

  • Manhattan saw 236 construction-related incidents in a recent year.
  • These construction incidents in Manhattan resulted in 264 injuries and three fatalities.
  • City-wide, the most common incidents that year included worker falls (59.5 percent) and material failures resulting in worker falls (11.6 percent).
  • Other reported incidents in NYC that same year included mechanical and construction equipment incidents (6.5 percent), scaffold and shoring installation incidents (1.9 percent), and excavation and soil work incidents (0.92 percent).

New York Labor Laws and Construction Accident Claims

New York labor laws form a protective framework for construction workers facing significant on-the-job risks. Labor laws hold employers, contractors, and property owners responsible for maintaining safe working conditions. They also allow workers to demand accountability and compensation if they suffer injuries due to negligence or unsafe workplace practices.

New York Labor Law 240

Labor Law 240, often referred to as the “scaffold law,” protects workers who perform work at heights, such as on scaffolds, ladders, or other elevated platforms. This law requires employers, contractors, and property owners to furnish or erect safety devices to protect workers from elevation-related risks and reduce the risk of falls.

New York Labor Law 241

Labor Law 241 focuses on the safety of construction sites more broadly, requiring all areas of construction, excavation, or demolition to comply with specific safety rules and regulations. The law requires contractors and owners to ensure that work sites are reasonably safe and that all operations adhere to the New York State Industrial Code.

New York Labor Law 200

Labor Law 200 is a general provision that applies to all work environments in New York, not just construction sites. It states that employers must provide a workplace that is reasonably safe and free from hazards. It also requires employers to take steps to correct any dangerous conditions they know of or should know about. The law is broad and encompasses all aspects of worker safety, from physical conditions to the operation of machinery and equipment.

Who Could Be Liable After I Sustain a Construction Accident Injury in Midtown Manhattan?

Several parties could be liable for a construction accident, depending on the circumstances. Here are some examples of parties that you could hold responsible in a construction accident claim:

  • Construction companies – If a construction company overseeing a project fails to provide proper training, enforce safety protocols, or maintain equipment, it could be liable for any accidents that result.
  • Property owners – If an accident happens because of unsafe conditions that a property owner knew or should have known about on-site, the property owner could be responsible.
  • General contractors and subcontractors – If contractors or subcontractors neglect their duty to follow safety regulations and ensure workers do the same, they could be liable for construction accidents.
  • Equipment manufacturers – If a construction accident results from defective equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment could be liable.
  • Architects and engineers – If an accident occurs because of an architect’s or engineer’s design flaw or failure to account for safety, these professionals could be accountable.

Workers’ Compensation and Other Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

After a construction accident, you might have several options for pursuing compensation for your injuries and related financial losses. Here are some examples of injury claims you could file after a construction accident:

  • Workers’ compensation claim – Workers’ compensation provides no-fault benefits to employees who get injured on the job, covering medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.
  • Personal injury claim – If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you could file a personal injury claim. This type of claim can yield compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses beyond what workers’ compensation covers.
  • Product liability claim – If a defective product or piece of equipment caused your injury, you could file a product liability claim against the manufacturer.
  • Wrongful death claim – If a construction accident results in death, the deceased worker’s family can file a wrongful death claim. These claims can provide compensation for the family’s loss, including funeral expenses, loss of income, and loss of companionship.

Types of Compensation Available after Construction Accidents in Midtown Manhattan

After a construction site accident, injured construction workers can file a claim demanding maximum compensation for various expenses and losses they have incurred as a result. It could include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses to treat construction accident injuries
  • Projected costs of future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Travel expenses for medical treatment

What You Need to Do After a Midtown Manhattan Construction Accident

If you get hurt in a construction accident in Midtown Manhattan, you should take certain steps to protect your health and legal rights. Here’s what construction accident victims should do:

  • Seek medical attention immediately, even if you think you’re not seriously injured at first.
  • Contact our construction accident lawyers for legal advice as soon as possible.
  • Report the accident to your supervisor or employer as soon as possible.
  • Take photos of the accident scene and your injuries.
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Keep a record of all medical treatments and visits.
  • Follow all medical advice and treatment plans.
  • Save all medical bills and receipts related to your injury.
  • Do not give a recorded statement to insurance companies without consulting a lawyer.
  • Avoid discussing the details of the accident on social media.
  • Do not sign any documents from insurance companies before talking to a lawyer.
  • Stay organized and keep all your accident-related documents in one place.

What Our Attorneys Do for Injured Construction Workers

Having an experienced lawyer by your side after a construction accident can make a significant difference in your claim. The attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., can assist you by:

  • Investigating the details of the accident thoroughly
  • Gathering evidence, including photos, video footage, and witness statements
  • Assessing the value of your claim, including future medical expenses and lost earnings
  • Consulting medical experts to understand the full extent of your injuries
  • Securing expert testimony to support your claim
  • Filing all necessary paperwork for workers’ compensation and personal injury claims
  • Communicating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement to cover all your losses
  • Challenging any attempts to minimize or deny your claim
  • Reviewing all offers from insurance companies to determine whether they are fair
  • Representing you in court if the insurance company won’t agree to a fair settlement

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