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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New York City

We Protect the Rights of the Elderly

Elder abuse has serious effects — The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that a senior who is victimized by abuse has a 300% higher risk of death when compared to a senior not subject to abuse. Unfortunately, elder abuse may affect more than 1 million seniors each year, although the exact number of abuse cases is not known due to unreported abuses.

While any senior is at risk for abuse by caregivers, those in nursing homes are especially at risk of being abused or neglected by overworked, untrained, or uncaring staff. If you or a loved one has been victimized, a New York City nursing home abuse attorney at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. is here to help.

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Types of Abuse in New York City Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, including:

  • Physical Abuse – Pushing, hitting, slapping, punching, burning, or taking other actions that physically harm a nursing home resident.
  • Sexual Abuse – Engaging in unwanted sexual behavior or touching with a nursing home resident without consent. One patient may also sexually abuse another if a nursing home fails to provide proper supervision and security.
  • Emotional Abuse – Verbal threats, name-calling and using other manipulative or harmful language can all constitute emotional abuse.
  • Financial Abuse – A nursing home responsible for managing a senior’s assets or protecting the senior’s possessions could be responsible if the money is intentionally mismanaged or if the senior’s possessions are taken.
  • Chemical Restraint – Patients are prescribed antipsychotic medications that they do not need in order to make them more docile and easier to control.
  • Neglect – Patient needs are unintentionally or maliciously ignored, leaving them at risk for medical damage or poor health.

All of these types of abuse can result in a senior suffering serious harm. Elders, like any patient type, deserve medical care that that addresses all of their needs including the following: social, physical, mental, and spiritual.

Who Is Responsible for Nursing Home Abuse?

Every nursing home has an obligation to provide reasonable care to residents. If a nursing home is negligent in instituting policies that protect patients, or if the nursing home fails to screen and supervise staff, they can be held responsible for harm that comes to patients.

A nursing home staff member who engages in abuse may also be held responsible for injuries that result. However, when the injury is caused by a staff member, it may also be advisable to take action against the nursing home since the business entity may have more money and insurance to pay for losses. A New York City nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine if the nursing home will be responsible for the staff’s negligence.

Contact a New York City Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Seeking legal compensation can help victims of abuse and their families pay for medical costs, procedures to heal the damage of abuse, and reparations for emotional pain and suffering. To prove negligence on the part of the nursing home or its staff requires skilled legal and investigative skill, skills our firm possesses in abundance.

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