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Common Causes of Bed Sores in Nursing Homes

Perhaps the most preventable type of injury that can occur to residents of nursing homes and other elder care facilities is bed sores. Bed sores occur when a patient is not moved regularly. Bed sores can develop in many areas of the body and can cause significant health problems. In the worst cases, bed sores can lead to serious infection and death.

Bed sores are generally caused when a person cannot move or is not repositioned on a regular basis. Nursing home staff members are supposed to perform these duties in a timely matter, and when this task is neglected, bed sores can form on feet, legs, arms, hips, and other areas of the body.

A bed sore is a sign that a resident is not receiving basic care and attention from nursing home staff. These sores, which may also be called pressure sores, are dead tissue caused by constant compression of the blood vessels and tissues in the area. They are easily preventable with appropriate attention, but they can lead to significant and serious health complications when they occur.

Health complications due to bed sores include:

  • Sepsis – Bacteria infect the blood, causing organ failure as it spreads.
  • Skin infection – Skin and soft tissue around it swells and cause intense pain, leading to further complications if untreated.
  • Bone infections – Surface infections can infect bones and joints, limiting function and threatening the patient’s life.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma – Bed sores can cause an aggressive form of cancer that often requires surgery to treat.

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