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New York construction accident attorneys redefine ‘Scaffold Law’ The team from The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., led by David Perecman, scored a victory for a former Local 1456 (now Local 1556 Dockbuilder’s Union) construction worker with a jury verdict of close to $8 million. In 2006, the worker’s foot got caught between a 2-ton steel block […]

Driver fled scene after collision that killed expectant parents, child A March 3 hit-and-run accident made international news when a car collision left a man and his pregnant wife dead after their cab was struck by an allegedly speeding driver who ran from the scene. The couple was killed while they were on their way […]

A number of people visited Albany seeking to convince the Governor and Legislature to reform New York State’s Labor Law Section 240, also known as the Scaffold Law. Many of those who wanted to see the law changed were representatives from the construction and insurance industries, reported Fox News. (2.12.13). This law allows injured workers […]

An overview of the industrial workplace accident and investigation Michael A. Donahue died Dec. 14 in an industrial accident at Kennedy Valve, a factory in upstate New York. He was making repairs to a hydraulic tabletop in the factory’s mold department when the accident occurred. Donahue was a two-year veteran of the company. The Syracuse […]

New York scaffolding got a makeover. According to The New York Times, a new, style of building shed called the “Urban Umbrella” was installed in front of 100 Broadway, an office building in Manhattan. New York construction accident lawyers at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., understand the new sidewalk structure marks the first time in approximately […]

Hydraulic fracturing, also referred to as “hydrofracking” or simply “fracking,” is a new, and controversial, mining technique that is sweeping the nation and the world. Hydrofracking allows mining companies to tap previously inaccessible deposits of resources locked deep within the earth. Fracking has many other benefits compared to more traditional extraction methods, including cost-effectiveness and […]

The tallest buildings in the world, before the construction of the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were monuments of American ingenuity. However, after September 11, 2001, following an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist attack, the site became American hallowed ground. As new construction on the site is underway, the attention of […]

Newly adopted state guidelines allow police to videotape interrogations in an effort to decrease claims of police misconduct and to protect suspects from making false confessions. NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 22, 2010 – In an effort to protect against convictions reached from false confessions and to protect officers from claims of coercion and […]

The most dangerous bus in New York City is the M101 bus, according to The New York Post. Buses on this route crashed 268 times in 2009. The 12-mile route circling between Washington Heights and the East Village is one of New York’s longest and busiest. The second most dangerous bus was the M15 with […]

When Martin Scorsese directed the film “Mean Streets” back in 1973, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker described the movie as the tale of a small-time hood who struggles to succeed on the mean streets of New York. But unlike Scorsese, when David Perecman, the New York City pedestrian accident lawyer describes the city’s “mean streets,” he’s […]