Most Dangerous Bus Route In New York City Identified

The most dangerous bus in New York City is the M101 bus, according to The New York Post. Buses on this route crashed 268 times in 2009. The 12-mile route circling between Washington Heights and the East Village is one of New York’s longest and busiest.

The second most dangerous bus was the M15 with a reported 203 accidents on its approximately14-mile trip between East Harlem and South Ferry.

As reported by The New York Post, the M101 route has a greater number of inexperienced drivers. Apparently, more experienced drivers use their seniority to obtain easier lines.

“Inexperienced bus drivers should not be driving the harder routes. This is where the MTA management needs to step in. Drivers should not be making decisions on the basis of whether something is easy or not, and putting riders in danger,” said New York auto accident attorney David Perecman.

In New York, auto accident attorneys are also familiar with a variety of other factors involved in bus accidents. Reasons given for bus accidents have included distracted driving, driver fatigue, a collision with another motor vehicle, faulty or poorly maintained equipment, collisions with stationary objects and other non-motorized objects, unruly passengers, traffic law violation, driving under the influence, or the behavior of another driver, bicyclist or pedestrian.

Bus accidents are one of the more dangerous forms of vehicular accidents because of the size of the bus and the number of people who could be involved. Victims of bus accidents would do best to rely on a New York auto accident attorney in order to prove negligence, a critical factor that needs to be decided before a victim can receive any form of compensation. Proving negligence in a bus accident means showing evidence that the MTA or the city acted in a careless and irresponsible manner.

Determining who is responsible for an accident involving a bus depends on the cause of the bus accident. Proving liability after a bus accident can be very difficult. In order to recover compensation from an MTA bus accident in New York, an experienced New York auto accident attorney must demonstrate that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) was responsible for a victim’s injuries. Hiring an inexperienced driver could mean that the city would be held responsible. In lawsuits against the MTA, a delay in speaking to a New York auto accident attorney and filing the appropriate paperwork can actually cause a person to lose his or her right to sue.

“If the same types of accidents keep reoccurring with the same bus, this is an indication to New York bus accident attorneys that the MTA is aware that people are in danger of being injured or killed. This makes the bus company and the city responsible,” said Perecman.

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