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New York City Taxi Accident Lawyers

close up of lit taxi sign on top of cab

Injured in a Taxi Accident in New York?

There are more than 13,000 taxis operating in New York City and those taxis make a combined 485,000 trips per day. A staple of life for many New Yorkers, taxis are both a necessity and a risk. With more than 90% of taxi pickups and drop-offs occurring in Manhattan, where our office is located, we are well acquainted with the potential for accidents and harm.

Our NYC taxi accident attorneys are no strangers to standing up to taxi drivers and companies for negligent behavior–with over half a billion dollars in results, careless drivers know who we are.

Not only are taxi passengers at risk, but also bicyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists. If you’ve been injured in a crash with a taxi, contact us today to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer at The Perecman Firm!

Who Can Be Held Liable for an NYC Taxi Accident?

There could be several liable parties after a taxi accident in NYC, such as:

  • The taxi driver – The taxi driver could be liable if they are an independent contractor and were speeding, distracted, driving under the influence, or otherwise negligent behind the wheel.
  • A taxi company – A taxi company could be liable if it employed the taxi driver who was involved in the accident or failed to properly maintain the taxi.
  • Another road user – Another driver could be liable if they hit the taxi cab, while a pedestrian or bicyclist might be to blame if they lurched into traffic suddenly.
  • A taxi owner – A taxi owner could be liable if they fail to properly maintain the vehicle or knowingly allow an unsuitable driver to operate it.
  • A taxi mechanic – A taxi mechanic or repair shop could be liable if they failed to properly inspect or repair a taxi with a dangerous mechanical flaw.
  • A government agency – A government agency could be liable if it failed to maintain local roads and poor road conditions contributed to the taxi accident.