Disabilities Covered by Social Security

Who Determines If I am Disabled?

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) Insurance benefits or “SSDI” benefits, you must have a disability that the Social Security Administration recognizes. They have provided a complete list for adult disabilities that qualify. There are hundreds of disabilities that the Social Security Administration has identified that qualify a worker for benefits.

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Disabilities are grouped into the following categories:

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How Do I Prove my Covered Disability Is Real?

If your disability is included on this list, then the next step is to prove that the disability is legitimate. Social Security requires medical evidence from “acceptable medical sources.” Generally, the Social Security Administration with the claimant’s permission will get these records from your doctor (licensed physical or other licensed medical professional).

Learn more about evidentiary requirements here.

How Social Security Decides Who Is Disabled

The Social Security Administration uses a five-step process to decide if a claimant is truly disabled and deserving of disability benefits.

  1. Are you working? If you are still working with little difference in capacity, then you will likely be denied.
  2. Do you have a severe disability? If your disability is not expected to last a year or longer, or result in death, then you will likely be denied.
  3. Is your disability on the Social Security’s disability list? If the disability or its medical equivalent not listed, then you will likely be denied.
  4. Can you work like you did before your disability? If you can still maintain your work in a similar capacity as you did prior to your disability, then you will likely be denied.
  5. Can you perform other types of work? Social Security Administration considers whether you might be able to perform another type of work if you cannot perform your old job duties. If you can make a living in a less-strenuous way, you will likely be denied.

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