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NYC Crosswalk Accident Lawyers

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Did You Endure Injuries From a Crosswalk Accident?

New York City has one of the greatest public transportation systems in the world, and with any great public transportation system comes a massive amount of pedestrians. Whether these people are tourists visiting the city that never sleeps or if they’re residents simply trying to get around, pedestrians need to be protected from reckless drivers. Thousands of pedestrians and cyclists navigating the city’s streets are injured and killed in vehicle accidents every year, and they are about 10 times more likely to die in a crash then any driver or passenger.

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If you were hit by a vehicle while crossing the street in a crosswalk, our NYC crosswalk accident attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., are ready to assist you in this difficult time. Our lawyers have recovered more than half a billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients over the past 40 plus years, and we’re ready fight for you to help secure the compensation you need to ensure a full and comfortable recovery.

NYC Right of Way Law

Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable when crossing the street. According to the New York Department of Transportation’s Pedestrian Safety Report, more than 16,000 pedestrians and cyclists are injured in vehicle crashes in New York City, and about 27 percent of all pedestrians killed in an accident were the result of a driver failing to yield.

Under New York City’s Right of Way Law, any driver who fails to yield to someone walking in a crosswalk and injures or kills them will be charged with a misdemeanor crime. This law, also known as Local Law 29 or NYC Administrative Code Section 19-190 was passed in 2014 as part of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero action plan – before then, a driver who killed or injured a pedestrian while failing to yield to their right of way could only be charged with a crime if they fled the scene, were driving without a license, or were driving under the influence. It’s the responsibility of every driver to pay attention to their surroundings, but far too many act negligently, cause crashes, and cause serious injuries or even death.

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If you were seriously injured while walking or cycling in a crosswalk, contact the NYC crosswalk accident lawyers at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., today. We can help you prove that you had the right of way, and that the driver ignored this before crashing into you. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims, and have the experience, skill, and passion necessary to fight to secure the maximum compensation possible. Give us a call at 646-518-2954 to speak with one of our crosswalk accident attorneys today, or fill out our online form to tell us about your case in a free case evaluation.