Road Rage Incident Captured on Cell Phone Video

Many car accidents are indeed accidents. However, there are others that may not be the result of an “honest” mistake by another driver. Some accident cases involve deliberate negligent actions caused by road rage. Road rage accidents may result in serious injuries and death.

Deirdre Orozco, 50, was arrested twice in five days for nearly identical road rage attacks around Sacramento, California. The rage-filled driver tried to run two cars off California highways in two separate incidents, reported the New York Daily News (12.23.14).

In her most recent road rage incident, Orozco attempted to run two young women in a white Mazda off Interstate 80. One woman recorded the incident on her cell phone camera. In the video, Orozco can be seen driving a gray truck. She is yelling, honking, zigzagging with her flashers on, and slowing down to drive alongside the Mazda.

The video shows Orozco pulling in front of the victim’s car, stopping and getting out. She claimed to be a member of law enforcement. The women in the Mazda pulled over but quickly drove off after Orozco banged on the car’s windows.

At one point in the video, Orozco’s vehicle hit the side of the Mazda, trying to push it off the road. A woman in the car called 911. The 911 operator led the women to a nearby exit where a police officer was waiting.

Orozco was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving and resisting arrest.

The video can be seen here and, as a warning, it has strong language.

The 50-year-old was first arrested four days prior to this incident for a hit-and-run in Roseville, California. A driver claimed Orozco tried to run him off the road. She hit his car and threatened to smash his car’s windows after she cut him off in traffic, he told FOX News (12.22.14).

In New York State, road rage is not considered aggressive driving by the New York State police. Road rage, such as using the vehicle as a weapon or physically assaulting a driver or their vehicle, is a criminal offense and considered a violent crime.

No matter how angry a driver is there is no excuse to intentionally threaten others with a vehicle. For victims of road rage, consequences can be life changing. A victim of a road rage related auto accident or the victim’s family should consult with an experienced lawyer to discuss the potential for a personal injury or wrongful death claim. A lawyer can help conduct a comprehensive investigation to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable. A lawyer can also help victims recover accident-related medical expenses, as well as lost wages, long-term care needs and more.

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