Over 300 Construction Sites Shut Down for Unsafe Conditions


In response to the deaths of 3 construction workers in recent weeks, the New York City Department of Buildings undertook a series of sweeps to penalize unsafe construction sites. Too often, these accidents are completely preventable and are the result of inadequate or missing safety protections on the sites.

Part of averting worker deaths and injuries involves catching the hazards before they injure anyone. In a massive inspection effort starting June 1, the Department of Buildings visited over 2,100 large, complex construction sites in the city. Officials issued 1,129 violations and 322 partial and full shutdowns.

What Work Stoppages Mean for Developers

A full Stop Work Order prohibits any work on the site, including efforts to improve safety. A Stop Work Order prohibits certain types of work or work in a certain area but allows remedial work to make the site safer. Both types of orders can increase the cost of a project considerably, especially if the hazardous conditions happened because the developer wanted to save money by avoiding the use of certain safety measures and devices.

Keeping Construction Workers Safe Matters

A recent report issued by the Department of Buildings shows a decline in construction accidents and deaths in 2020. However, with the interruptions and slowdowns caused by COVID-19, having lower raw numbers may not tell the whole story.

Construction remains one of the most dangerous jobs in our nation. Most accidents on construction sites are preventable and caused by negligence and unsafe conditions.

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