NYC Is Adding Surround-View Cameras to Buses and Trucks

Bus Camera

In the fiscal year running from July 2019 to June 2020, New York City paid over $150 million to the victims of accidents caused by city fleet vehicles. The government is actively working to address this issue. As reported by Streetsblog NYC, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services recently shared its plan to introduce new safety technology into the city fleet. The department plans to install 60,000 devices across its 24,877-vehicle fleet by the end of this year.

What Is Being Added?

As part of its Safe Fleet Transition Plan, the city has started to install safety devices including:

  • Rear-view backup sensors
  • Surround cameras
  • Truck side-guards
  • Automatic braking technology
  • Dash cams
  • Heated mirrors

In the initial push, 1,500 cameras will be installed on non-emergency, heavy-duty vehicles. The cameras will be mounted four per vehicle to cover blind spots to the sides, front, and back of large vehicles. While drivers will be able to select their desired view on a dash screen, the display will also change according to the driver’s actions. For example, when a bus driver turns on a left turn signal, they will automatically get a view of their left side blind spot.

Streets for All

Over the last 2 years, city fleet vehicles have been involved in an average of 10 accidents each day. While most are minor, a total of 31 pedestrians and 22 cyclists sustained injuries in the same period. The surround-view cameras, along with other new technologies being introduced, should help those road users with smaller profiles stay safe in traffic. The fleet upgrades are being done in conjunction with increased defensive driving training for city employees.

Additionally, the video and sensor technologies may provide evidence in accident cases. Often, the exact chain of events leading up to a crash is disputed. With video footage or sensor data, accident victims can prove they were not in the wrong.

What to Do If You’re Injured by a City Vehicle

Anyone injured by a negligent driver has the right to compensation. However, filing a suit against a city-employed driver is more complex than your typical insurance claim.

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