New York Construction Accident Lawyer Presses for Scaffold Safety

A woman was seriously injured by a 10-foot long metal pipe after it fell from scaffolding 18 stories above the ground. According to ABC News (1.13.14), the pipe fell after one of the workers lost his grip on it. Personal injury lawyer David Perecman, founder of The Perecman Firm, said the accident is a reminder of the importance of scaffolding safety for both pedestrians and workers.

The pipe crashed to the ground from scaffolding two doors down, where scaffolding was being built as part of a facade-cleaning project. The woman suffered fractured ribs and a neck injury. The impact bent the pipe and dented the sidewalk, said ABC News.

“Construction sites require workers to maintain safety standards with care and vigilance. A number of accidents happen to both pedestrians and workers each year. Many of these could have been avoided if adequate safety precautions were in place,” said Perecman.

Workers need to be informed about the hazards of working on scaffolds and learn accident prevention measures. Many official investigations about scaffolding accidents indicate that serious injuries and deaths could be avoided if proper Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety regulations were followed. Many construction sites in New York City are within close proximity to public areas, making rules and safety procedures vital. Construction safety must always take the safety of the public into account as much as the safety of the construction workers. Objects falling from buildings or scaffolding can kill a person.

The accident occurred at 42nd Street and Madison Avenue. A stop work order was issued by the Buildings Department as a result of the incident, reported ABC News.

The ABC News article cited is “Woman seriously injured by falling pipe in Midtown.”

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