Mother Releases Video of Her Son’s Fatal Crash to Raise Awareness of Motorcycle Safety

A British mother released the helmet cam video of her son’s fatal motorcycle crash in an effort to get motorcyclists to slow down and get drivers to think about motorcycles on the road.

The video shows rider David Holmes, 38, traveling at close to 100 mph when he crashes into a car that crosses in front of him. He dies from his injuries but the video he filmed on his helmet camera was recovered intact. The driver of the Renault involved in the accident admitted to police he had not seen the motorcycle as he turned, reported the Dereham Times (9.5.14).

The accident happened in Honingham, England in June 2013.

The video includes an interview with David’s mother, Brenda Holmes. She admits on the video that her son was speeding and just hopes “that somebody benefits from the warning; that people slow down and take time to look for bikes.”

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks, head of the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Unit, said, “The video is shocking and powerful enough to make riders and drivers think about their behavior on the road.”

Viewers of the video are warned that the content of the video may be disturbing, but the footage does not show any graphic images of David Holmes or the other driver.

Unfortunately, speeding is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,957 motorcyclists were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2012. Another 93,000 motorcyclists were injured. The riders who died accounted for 15 percent of all traffic fatalities that year. Thirty-four percent of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes had been speeding.

Motorcycles are already more dangerous than other vehicles, and when riders speed motorcycles are even more dangerous. On the road, motorcyclists are more at risk for fatal or serious accidents than drivers of most other vehicles. At high speeds, even small errors made by a rider can have deadly results. One of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists occurs when cars are making left-hand turns.

Motorcycle riders can increase safety by taking steps to reduce or avoid the risk of accidents, including resisting the temptation to speed. When riders speed, they put themselves at risk and other road users, as well. All motorists should be responsible and held accountable for their actions. When someone causes a vehicular accident, injured parties can seek compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and any damage to their vehicle.

The Dereham Times story cited is “Video: Mother allows release of hard-hitting footage of her son’s motorcycle death on A47.”

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