Mexican Singer Ariel Camacho Dies In Auto Accident

Popular Mexican singer Ariel Camacho died in a car crash after leaving a concert in Mexico, reported The New York Times (2.26.15), citing DEL Records. Camacho, 22, was the lead singer of the popular norteño group Los Plebes del Rancho and DEL Records was their label.

The car accident happened on a highway near the Mexican state of Sinaloa

According to The New York Times (2.26.15), police said Camacho’s car was speeding when it skidded off the road and ran into a drainage ditch. The singer and two other people in the car died and two others survived with serious injuries.

Camacho and his group were part of a new generation of singers known as the “altered movement.” They sang ballads about the realities of drug trafficking and uncontrolled violence, reported The New York Times.

Speeding is often the causes of serious and fatal car accidents each year. Nearly one-third of all car accidents can be attributed to speeding, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) citing records from the U.S. Department of Transportation. When drivers speed, they lose some ability to control the car. For one, it takes a longer time for them to slow down. Then, if drivers do need to swerve, they can easily overcorrect. Also, the faster a car driver speeds, the less time drivers have to react.

In addition, a high speed collision increases the forces on the bodies of all the people inside the car. As a result, personal injuries are worse in car accidents at high speeds and the risk of a driver or passenger being killed in a crash increases with the increase in speed. The largest studies to date found an “exponential increase in risk of a car driver being killed in an accident as the vehicle increases in speed.”

In 2013, the highest percentage of crash deaths involving speeding occurred on minor roads (35 percent). Interstates and freeways were the sites of 30 percent of the crash deaths and 26 percent happened on other major roads, reported the IIHS.

The New York Times story cited is “Popular Mexican Singer Ariel Camacho Dies in Car Crash.”

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