David Perecman Appears on “Stossel” to Discuss Medical Malpractice

David Perecman

Attorney David Perecman appeared on FOX Business’ show “Stossel” last Friday to discuss medical malpractice litigation. He discussed the role of lawyers play in the healthcare industry, as well as the potential for unnecessary and unneeded medical testing. The show opened with the host, John Stossel, stating his hatred for “those lawyers.” Perecman kept his cool, explaining why it’s important to defend the injured individuals who have the right to compensation. Stossel claimed that because individuals fear lawyers and lawsuits, doctors take extra precautions, which can unnecessarily increase medical costs for many people. Perecman responded, “I heard this, and frankly don’t believe it. It’s very easy to blame the lawyers. The doctors in their surveys say defensive medicine is because of the lawyers. The only problem is that the government, the congressional oversight offices, have all done their own studies – not surveys. These studies say that the AMA and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons surveys were unreliable, and that the more likely cause was the income [doctors] get from doing the tests.” Perecman also brought up the rights of his clients and victims of medical malpractice, stating that “the person who has been injured recovers, and they deserve to recover. Do they walk away? Do they grin and bear it? Does the person who has a brain-damaged child as a result of somebody’s negligence take it on the chin? I don’t think so.” David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., are dedicated to being the best personal injury attorneys possible. We provide skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate representation to every case.

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