Year: 2015

Many people’s lives were put at risk so a greedy few could financially benefit. Now fifty people including New York City building inspectors, property managers and owners, “expediters,” contractors and an engineer are under arrest. They were charged with corruption. Allegedly, they received bribe money to overlook code violations and speed construction developments to completion, […]

Grease traps are designed to separate out the fats, oils and greases and solids typically found in food preparation waste. Wyatt Scharenbroch, 3, fell into a Denny’s restaurant grease pit located outside the restaurant in Grand Chute, WI. Firefighters were called to rescue the boy who they said fell through an unsecured plastic cover over […]

An employee died at Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Lubbock, Texas after a stack of lumber fell and killed him. The employee was only identified as a 23-year-old male. Investigations were being conducted internally and by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), reported Fox News (1.3.15). Retail warehouses can be dangerous for both employees and customers. […]