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While air travel is generally safe and accidents are very infrequent, crashes that do occur are often deadly. Victims of a plane accident may experience permanent injuries or may be killed in the crash, leaving surviving family members behind.

The law provides some protection to victims of plane crashes, giving survivors or their family members the right to have medical bills and other losses covered. However, your right to compensation can differ depending on the type of aviation accident and the cause of the crash. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., has upheld a track record of success over the last 40+ years, demonstrating our incisive ability to handle aviation accidents. We have the skills and knowledge to pursue a claim on your behalf.

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Types of Aircraft Involved in Accidents

While your claim will vary depending on the specific details involved, the type of aircraft involved in the accident will often play a crucial part in determining who is at fault. For example, a commercial airplane accident may involve numerous parties while a military aircraft accident may be more complex and involve a single government entity.

We handle accidents involving all types of airplanes, including:

  • Domestic or foreign commercial airplanes
  • Charter flights
  • Air ambulances
  • Helicopters
  • Military aircraft
  • Single-engine aircraft
  • Twin-prop aircraft
  • Experimental aircraft
  • Ultralights

All pilots and all airlines of any size, including charter companies, must comply with strict Federal Aviation Administration regulations to ensure the safety of their passengers. A failure to follow safety rules or any type of negligence can result in legal liability and can entitle victims and families to receive compensation for losses.

Top Causes of Aircraft Accidents

Airplane accidents occur for many different reasons, although small planes are more likely to crash as a result of pilot error or weather problems than larger planes are.

Some of the top causes for plane crashes include:

  • Plane design problems
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Bird strikes
  • Runway incursions
  • Inadequate plane maintenance
  • Mistakes in the manufacture or repair of airplanes
  • Errors made by air traffic controllers
  • Errors made by pilots
  • FAA violations
  • Engine failure

Airplane operators can sometimes be liable even if the cause is something like bad weather, as it is the responsibility of the airline or charter company to ensure that the weather is clear enough to fly safely. Understanding these small liability issues can help you craft the strongest injury or wrongful death claim possible.

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When you need to bring forward an airplane accident claim, one of the most important steps is determining the cause of the crash. This can involve a complex process of locating evidence, investigating past accidents, and uncovering negligence.

That is why having a skilled New York City airplane accident lawyer behind your case is so crucial during this time. The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., is here to help you determine who has to blame and assist you as you move forward from your accident. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

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