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Workers' Compensation Benefits

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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On-the-job injuries can be painful and debilitating, leaving workers struggling with hefty medical bills and unable to return to work to earn a paycheck. The laws in New York ensure that workers are protected from financial disaster by requiring every employer to obtain workers’ compensation insurance or to self-insure.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide comprehensive protection to those hurt on the job. It is important to understand what you are entitled to as an injured worker. Review the sections below and contact our experienced New York City workers’ compensation attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. if you have any questions.

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Types of Benefits Available

There are many kinds of workers’ compensation benefits that are available to workers after a serious job-related injury is sustained.

Among the benefits you can recover include:

  • Medical coverage: All of your medical bills should be 100% covered with no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses. You should also have coverage for any adaptive medical devices required and even for transportation to your treatment if needed.
  • Lost wages: If you are forced to be out of work for at least seven days due to your injury, you should receive partial payment for the time that you are unable to go to your job. If you are out of work for 14 or more days, then you also receive lost wages benefits for the first 7 days you missed.
  • Disability benefits: If you are totally or partially disabled, you can receive ongoing disability benefits until you get better or can go back to work. The benefits are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wages multiplied by the percent of your disability. For example, if you are 100% disabled, you would receive the full two-thirds of your average wage. If you are only 50% disabled, you’d receive half that amount.
  • Death benefits: If a worker is killed on the job, his or her dependents or next of kin may receive death benefits. These typically include a percentage of their average wages.

These work-injury benefits are intended to help support yourself and your family and ensure you get needed medical treatment after a work injury.

Obtaining Additional Compensation for Work-Related Accidents

New York workers’ compensation benefits can be obtained after any injury caused by work duties, regardless of whether an employer was negligent or contributed to causing the injury. However, workers are restricted from suing their employers and cannot obtain additional personal injury compensation such as monetary damages for pain and suffering.

Under certain circumstances, it will be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit if a third-party was negligent in a way that contributed to or caused the injury. This can allow for broad compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and other non-economic losses. A personal injury claim against a third-party may sometimes be pursued at the same time as a workers’ compensation case.

Finally, social security disability benefits and other government aid may be available to a disabled worker as well. These benefits are separate from workers’ compensation and can be obtained in addition to work-injury compensation.

Contact Our New York City Workers’ Comp Attorneys

If you or a loved one sustained a work injury and you need help obtaining workers’ compensation benefits in New York, the New York City workers’ comp attorneys at The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. can assist you. We examine your claim, fight against benefits denials, and work and see to it that you have taken all appropriate legal actions to help maximize your monetary compensation after a work injury.

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