Wrong Procedure Injuries

New York City Surgical Error Attorneys

Nobody wants to undergo surgery, even when it is necessary to help them. A lot of people are concerned regarding the things that can go wrong, but they usually don’t consider the idea of the doctor performing the wrong procedure. Unfortunately, this type of situation is not unheard of in the world of medical malpractice. There are numerous times when the wrong procedure is performed on a patient. This is very dangerous and can cause the patient to not only undergo unnecessary surgery, but still leave the original problem.

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Causes of Wrong Procedures

Wrong procedure surgeries may be considered “never events” because they often involve the wrong procedure, or surgery on the wrong site or side of the body. There are numerous reasons this kind of situation may occur and it often goes back to the medical team and some kind of negligence. Wrong procedure surgeries are completely preventable and they shouldn’t affect the health of the patient.

Common causes include:

  • Communication issues
  • Lack of initial checkup
  • Untrained nursing staff or intake
  • Lack of “surgical timeout”

It is important for communication to be at the top of the priority list for a number of medical professionals. This can prevent incorrect information from being present on the patient’s sheet or problematic preoperative site markings. Everyone involved should take a second to make sure the proper procedure is performed.

Potential Risks

If a surgeon performs the wrong procedure, they place the patient in potential danger. This means the doctor may work on perfectly healthy organs or hit nerves that they should not have even been near. When a wrong procedure is performed, it can lead to serious issues and the patient will most likely have to go through surgery again to have the correct procedure performed.

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