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Vision Zero Working in New York City

crashed carWith so many vehicles on the road in New York City, the risk of traffic collisions are very high. So much in fact, that it’s estimated that roughly 4,000 people are seriously injured in car crashes each year, with another 250 New Yorkers involved in fatal vehicle collisions annually. Rear-end accidents are the leading cause for fatal injuries to children under 14 years of age, and the second leading cause for fatal injuries to seniors. These numbers are unacceptable. The families, visitors, and all of New York City deserves safer streets on which to travel.

This is the mission of the Vision Zero Action Plan. It starts by recognizing these traffic crashes for what they are: collisions. They are not accidents. They are a result of negligence that includes drunk driving, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and more. Vision Zero believes that no fatal crash on the streets should be considered acceptable or inevitable. Now the city is looking to find ways to end the risk of serious injuries and fatal crashes on the streets. This is part of the action going through Vision Zero.

Vision Zero’s focus is to work with external researchers to address some of the concerns on the road, including but not limited to:

  • Is there a connection between the volume of parking and moving summonses and the amount of serious collisions?
  • How likely are drivers with multiple moving or parking violations to be involved in a collision, and what convictions may correlate to the increased risk?
  • Does the attitude and perception of traffic violations and Vision Zero safety get the message across?
  • Are there any policies and practices in place to reduce the amount of traffic collisions involving fleet drivers?
  • How is the economy effected by crashes and does it benefit from better safety policies?
  • Can data collection help in capturing the characteristics of traffic collisions to help prevent them in the future?
  • Is the message of Vision Zero having an impact and creating change in the way drivers act on the road with regard to traffic safety behavior?

With the Vision Zero Action Plan, the goal of the city is to utilize all tools available to make the streets safer. This is a bold commitment that includes focusing on the safety in every borough and every neighborhood, while also improving enforcement of dangerous moving violations. Dangerous drivers would face an increase in penalties for their offenses, and the city would have control over the safety on the streets.

While this program may not completely prevent dangers on the street, it is a step in the right direction. Other safety programs have been implemented before by private industries and the government, such as the mandate on seatbelt use. This impacted the rate of seatbelt use across the nation to increase from roughly 20% in 1985 to the more recent number of 88%. Also, traffic fatalities throughout the state have decreased as well from 701 in 1990 to 249 in 2011. These are the types of changes we want to continue to see.

At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., our New York City auto accident attorneys stand behind any initiative that makes our roads a safer place. We believe that the Vision Zero Action Plan can prove to be beneficial for years to come. Make sure you stay safe on the road, and if you are seriously injured or someone you love is killed by an act of negligence, we encourage you to take action and call our firm today. We do not stand idly by while these collisions happen. We work to prevent them from ever happening again.


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