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Black female student dragged in classroom by police officer

Black female student dragged in classroom by police officer

Police brutality against African Americans has been in the mainstream media for quite some time and there doesn’t appear to be any resolution in sight.

When the victim is viewed as a thug and the police officer claims he feared for his life, the unnecessary excessive force used by the officer gets justified by the media. But what happens when it’s a 16 year old black teenage girl that gets thrown to the floor, where’s the justification in that?

Monday afternoon in a South Carolina high school, a black female student was violently removed from her desk, thrown to the floor and dragged by a white deputy officer and it was recorded by another student and thus went viral.

The New York Times reports the student was asked to leave her class after she was caught using her cell phone and when she refused, the deputy officer, Ben Fields, “tipped the girl’s chair and desk backward, lifting her out of her seat and slamming her to the floor, and then dragged her to the front of the classroom, where he cuffed her hands behind her back.”

Yes the girl should have complied with the teachers request but she didn’t pose a threat and there is no excuse for the violent force the deputy used on her. Deputy Fields, a bodybuilder, could have handled the situation in a much more suitable manner.

Deputy Fields has been fired but the FBI is investigating whether a crime was committed which could result in charges against the officer.

This incident is eerily similar to the black Texas teenage girl who was thrown to the ground by an officer as he kneeled on her back at a pool party back in June. That incident was recorded and went viral as well resulting in the officer resigning from his post.

Even with the rise of video recordings of police brutality, the social outrage, national divide, officers continue to violate individuals’ civil rights with no real ramifications.

If not for these incidences of extreme violence being caught on video, would these officers still be patrolling our streets, providing protection to some and justice for none?

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