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8 Dangers That Lurk on Most New York City Construction Sites

All across the nation, construction sites pose a threat to the health and safety of workers and pedestrians. In New York City where there are countless pedestrians walking near construction sites, these dangers are much more difficult to avoid and construction accidents are much more likely. In any situation, it is important to be aware of the various hazards and dangers that lurk on most construction sites. This can help you avoid serious injuries whether you are a worker or pedestrian.

1. Falling Debris

There is a reason that construction workers wear hard hats. When on the construction site, with people working high above, there is a high chance of debris falling off scaffoldings. If an object hits a person below, it can cause serious injury.

2. Scaffolding Falls

Construction workers are often expected to work at great heights while being held up only by scaffolding. Unfortunately, these platforms don’t always live up to their expectations and can sometimes cause the worker to fall.

3. Faulty Electrical

On a number of construction sites, electrical is a crucial part of the project. If something goes wrong, it can result in electrocution and potential burns.

4. Machine Failure

Tools, forklifts, cranes: construction sites are full of machines that can break down or become defective. This can cause electrical problems or result in injury to the workers or anybody nearby.

5. Explosions

Due to the hazardous materials used on construction sites, there is a high possibility for explosions. An explosion incident can cause injury to not only workers on the site, but pedestrians passing by.

6. Slip or Trip and Fall

Construction sites use various equipment that, if left unattended, can result in slippery or uneven surfaces. When this happens, workers and pedestrians can slip or trip and fall.

7. Ladder Falls

Ladders are a common tool used on construction sites because of their ability to help workers reach higher areas in a manner that is supposed to be safer than scaffolding. Unfortunately, ladders can break or collapse and the worker can fall and injure themselves.

8. Forklift Accidents

Because of the need to lift heavy items, forklifts are often effective on construction sites. When things become busy and crowded, these helpful pieces of machinery can prove to be dangerous to unsuspecting workers. This is often the result of negligent forklift operators.

If you have been injured on a construction site, know that you have rights. You should be able to seek the compensation you need to cover expenses related to the injury. At The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C., our New York City construction accident attorneys work tirelessly to help our clients hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. Call for your free case evaluation today.


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