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Construction Defects in New Brooklyn Buildings Cause Concern

Construction Defects in New Brooklyn Buildings Cause Concern

Many parts of Brooklyn are experiencing a building boom.

Winston Churchill said: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A number of developers in Brooklyn have reportedly failed to learn from the mistakes of the past, creating problems in the present. These developers repeated errors made during the last housing boom and “delivered substandard product,” according to The New York Times (3.6.15).

According to The New York Times, there has been an increase in the number of residents reporting problems in newly built buildings. Problems include structural defects and issues related to elevators, water infiltration, inadequate insulation and an improperly installed HVAC system. A resident in a Brooklyn condominium built just three years ago complained that balconies were cracking and concrete was flaking from the facade. Another building was allegedly prone to flooding, because the storm drainage system was never connected to the sewage system.

What concerns construction accident lawyers were the reports of dangerous balconies, resulting in residents being warned not to step out on them. And the report of buildings being given orders by the city to erect scaffolding and a sidewalk shed to protect pedestrians from falling concrete. And the report of sprinkler heads and other fire-stopping measures being missing or nonfunctional.

Buildings that do not have sprinklers or self-closing doors in the fire stairs, are, as architect said Howard L. Zimmerman said in The Times, “really life-safety issues that are almost criminal.”

When it comes to construction, cutting corners on safety can result in tragedies. Unfortunately, there are many developers and construction companies in New York that intentionally ignore safety in the interest of time or to save money. In some cases, property owners may also be to blame for allowing a known hazard to exist. Under premises liability laws, property owners may be held financially responsible for accidents or injuries that occur on their property due to their negligence.

Negligent construction can lead to many different lawsuits among a wide number of parties. In fact, any person or company involved in a construction project may be liable for any defect, especially defects that cause harm to another person. Legal recourse is available for those who have been injured in a building, or by a piece of the building, through no fault of their own. Consult an experienced construction accident lawyer.


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