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Know your rights, you may need a New York civil rights attorney

Know your rights, you may need a New York civil rights attorney

The U.S. Constitution

Civil rights is defined as personal liberties that belong to an individual, owing to his or her status as a citizen or resident of a particular country or community. The U.S. constitution was intended to provide civil rights to U.S. citizens and residents including protection from certain types of discrimination.

Civil rights law was designed to ensure that people are treated equally regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, creed or other such characteristics. They also protect against excessively invasive behavior by the government including police officers. Government officials are not supposed to make random decisions, or deprive individuals of their lives or property without giving them due process of the law. While civil rights violations give rise to a host of civil and criminal penalties for the offender, attorneys practicing in this area of the law are generally engaged in seeking financial compensation for victims.

One of the most common types of personal lawsuits pertaining to civil rights violations are in regards to improper conduct by law enforcement. In current times, the civil rights of many Americans, particularly African Americans have been under attack which have resulted in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Individuals that have been victims of police brutality can bring claims based on excessive force, illegal searches and seizures, false arrests, malicious prosecutions, unjustified police shootings, and other abuses of power. Lawsuits can be filed against the individual police officer responsible for the misconduct or it can be directed toward the entire department when the conduct is more systemic.

If you feel your civil rights have been violated, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Furthermore, by initiating a legal action, you may help to bring about positive changes that prevent a similar situation from happening to someone else. For a free consultation and to find out more, contact a New York civil rights attorney at The Perecman Firm today.

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