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Worker Suffers Leg Laceration While Stringing Cable on Bayonne Bridge

Worker Suffers Leg Laceration While Stringing Cable on Bayonne Bridge

The Bayonne Bridge is an arch bridge similar to this one.

Injured workers suffering work-related injuries may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. This type of claim can be filed for virtually any type of accident or injury that occurs at a workplace or during the performance of an employee’s job duties.

A Staten Island electrical worker recently had an accident of the type eligible for workers’ compensation. The worker, 44, was stringing cable on the Bayonne Bridge when a cable snapped and hit his leg, reported (4.2.15), citing Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo. The worker sustained a laceration to his left leg and was taken to the hospital. His injuries were not life-threatening. He was employed by an electrical company at the time of the accident.

The Bayonne Bridge connects Bayonne, New Jersey with Staten Island, New York.

A laceration, or cut, is a common injury to get in a workplace, whether the jobsite is a bridge or a restaurant. This type of injury occurs when the skin is ripped, torn or split open. It can result from tools used on the job; exposed sharp objects or surfaces; slips, trips or falls, and many other causes. The wounds can range in severity from surface to deep and can even be fatal.

Lacerations can occur anywhere on the body. A deep cut can go through skin all the way down to the bone – cutting tissue, nerves, tendons and muscles. The deeper the laceration, the more serious the consequences may be, especially if damage is severe. Serious lacerations can leave victims with permanent scarring and disfigurement. Even a seemingly superficial laceration requires immediate medical care in order to heal properly. When it is not treated correctly, a laceration may become fatal from infection or loss of blood. Signs of infection include severe pain, fevers and chills, pus, redness beyond the wound edges, or excessive swelling.

Workers who live or work in New York State and suffer a work-related injury, illness or disability, including a laceration, may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Under New York Workers’ Compensation law, an employee is not held liable even if he or she was partially or wholly at fault in the accident.

Any time a serious injury occurs while at work, it is advisable to talk to a lawyer. Lawyers at The Perecman Firm make sure that clients get everything they are entitled to under New York Workers Comp law.


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