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Cement Beams Fall Off Truck and Smash SUV

Cement Beams Fall Off Truck and Smash SUV

A stack of cement beams fell off a truck and landed on the hood of Vinod George’s Honda Pilot. This happened while both vehicles were travelling on a road. As reported by CBS News (10.23.14), George knew what was going to happen because he saw the beams coming right at him. He said that he tried to stop when he saw the beams falling, but there was “nowhere to go because there was a truck on the left side.”

It was an accident that the cement beams slid off the truck. Luckily, it was not a fatal one. The driver of the truck was not hurt, and George suffered a sprained wrist. George’s SUV, however, was not so lucky and the front was smashed in.

The cause of the crash was under investigation.

An overloaded or improperly loaded truck can lead to a catastrophic accident on the road. When cargo or debris falls or breaks loose from any kind of truck or commercial vehicle, the resulting obstacles on the roadway can cause serious injury or death to the motorists following the trucks. Objects can even fall directly onto a following vehicle and cause an accident. Heavy piping, heavy equipment, appliances, and logs are all known to have fallen off of trucks. It’s also not unheard of for a vehicle to fall off a car carrier. Small items that fall off trucks can also cause a dangerous situation. Unexpected roadway obstructions can force other drivers to make quick and hazardous maneuvers to avoid them.

Overloaded cargo or incorrectly loaded cargo can cause other kinds of truck accidents that do not involve cargo that falls suddenly. If an over-sized truck is loaded in such a way that it becomes too top-heavy, this can increase the risk of it jackknifing or overturning around curves. A truck that has jack-knifed or been involved in an accident may spill its load, creating a difficult condition for other drivers.

Accidents caused by objects or debris that falls off a truck and onto the roadway, or even directly onto another vehicle, are preventable accidents.

If something falls off a truck and is hit by another driver, that driver may be able to recover damages. A truck driver is responsible for making sure that the cargo being transported is safely secured. Vehicle occupants who sustain serious injuries because of a truck’s unsecured or poorly balanced cargo load may be entitled to compensation. Even without a known license plate, there is a possibility of identifying a truck which caused an accident by the item that fell off, the time and location where it happened, and-or other information.

The CBS News story cited is “Cement Beams Fall Off Truck, Crush SUV In Waltham.”

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