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Driver Kills Moose That Lands In His Minivan

Driver Kills Moose That Lands In His Minivan

Hitting deer or moose with a car can kill drivers and passengers or seriously injure them.

A driver in Maine hit a moose while driving on a state road at night. The collision sent the enormous animal crashing through the windshield and into the passenger seat of the minivan.

Mark Forino, 34, was driving a 2006 Toyota Sienna under the speed limit when the animal entered the roadway. He was unable to prevent the accident which was fatal to the moose, reported the New York Daily News (11.25.14). The driver escaped with minor injuries.

Pictures in the tabloid show the animal’s dead body taking up most of the car and lying between rows of seats.

Statistics on vehicle collisions with deer and moose from the New York State Department of Transportation show there are 60,000-70,000 deer-vehicle accidents annually in New York State. Throughout New York, most of these accidents occur from October to December. The state Department of Environmental Conservation reported 10 moose-vehicle accidents in 2007 in New York State.

To help prevent a crash with a moose, drivers should slow down and be extra alert in areas with moose crossing signs. They should also scan both sides of the road. Moose are most active in the hours around dawn and dusk, so drivers need to use extra caution during this time. Drivers should also be aware that moose routinely travel along the same routes in pairs or in groups.

Drivers should be prepared to take evasive caution in prime moose habitat such as forested areas and waterways. The best way to react to a moose in the road is to slow down and brake firmly, without slamming on the brakes or swerving. Drivers who swerve risk crashing into another vehicle or object. Many accidents are not due to hitting the animal but are the result of driving into another car or truck in the opposite lane while trying to avoid the animal. Other tips to help reduce the risk of serious injury include ensuring every occupant in the vehicle is wearing seatbelts or using child safety seats, and using high beams whenever possible.

Moose are very unpredictable so drivers need to stop their car if necessary and wait. Moose cross the road whenever and wherever they please.

The New York Daily News story cited is “As Maine driver kills moose in accident, dead animal lands inside his minivan.”


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