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Alleged Construction Defects Could Cause Injury

Alleged Construction Defects Could Cause Injury

Residents of Cathedral Gardens condominiums claim that Artimus Construction built their building incorrectly. They allege that their building has many construction defects including facilities and structural problems.

Complaints from the residents include “leaks whenever it rains, poorly assembled cabinets and wooden floors, unsafe balconies, and a crack on the building’s front façade,” according to the Columbia Spectator (2.25.14). Residents said they had to use their own money to fix many of the issues.

One resident blamed the problems on the developer for building the structure “cheaply,” said the Columbia Spectator.

The building, on Manhattan Avenue and West 110th Street, is a pioneering multi-use structure. It was one of the first buildings in NYC to be designated half to students and half to college-unaffiliated residents. It was also part of the Cornerstone Program, a Bloomberg-era Housing Preservation and Development “multifamily new construction initiative to provide more low- and middle-income housing. The non-University-affiliated residents share the building with Barnard Housing.

Building defects may cause catastrophic construction accidents

When something as complex as a building is constructed, it’s close to impossible to build it completely flaw free. Potential hazards may be caused by innovative materials and designs; faulty or inferior materials; inaccurate measurements; cost and time pressures; and-or other factors. Many flaws are minor and will never be seen or noticed. Others can be extremely dangerous.

Collapses caused by inherent defects made international news at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Thailand (1993) and a section of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport (2004). The accident at the Royal Plaza Hotel killed 137 people and injured 227 others. Four people died in the airport terminal collapse.

Though the complete or partial collapse of a structure is uncommon, consequences of a smaller scale accident caused by a building defect can also be extremely serious. Dangerous conditions resulting from unsafe building construction can include fire hazards due to unsafe electrical wiring, falling façade bricks, and ceiling collapse.

New York construction defects and construction accident lawyers

Faulty construction is a problem for people who will go into the building after it is completed, as well as for emergency personnel who may need to respond to a problem in the building. When safety and building standards are not met, the result may be an unsafe – and dangerous – structure.

Due to the number of different parties involved and their often overlapping responsibilities, it can be very difficult to prove negligence in the case of a construction accident linked to structural defects. Individuals who have been injured by a construction defect should contact an experience construction accident lawyer.

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