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Former Port Authority Commission Involved in Safety Scandal

Former Port Authority Commission Involved in Safety Scandal

At a time when so many Americans are struggling to find employment, safety concerns are the jobs are often not seen as a priority. This gives those with their own agenda an opportunity to cut corners in order to reduce the cost of a job. In some areas of employment such as construction, injury is an already a constant possibility, so with the added risk of unsafe equipment or materials working on a site can result in significant physical harm.

Recently a former Port Authority commissioner intervened to allow one of his private sector clients the use of a tower crane already deemed unsafe in New York. The commissioner, Anthony Sartor, resigned on April 14th after allegations his agency was repeated hired by the New Jersey business SJP Properties. The company developed the crane, and it was used despite its reputation for being dangerous at numerous sites in New York and New Jersey. In the past the crane’s lift cables unspooled twice while its crew’s attempted to lift thousands of pounds of steel.

In 2011, the same rig unexpectedly dropped 14,000 pounds of steels it was lifting dropped the load over 100 feet. The dropped weight barely missed workers on the site of new World Trade Center construction. This uncontrolled drop was repeated in 2012 when the rig operating at 48 stories up, lost 48,000 pounds of steel sending it crashing down narrowly missing workers on another site.

While the rig was banned for use in New York, Sartor was accused of using his influence to see SLP was able to use it in New Jersey. After investigation by the Port Authority SLP agreed to make changes to the rig to reinforce its winch, and then add redundancy to its hydraulics. The brakes were also to be modified.

Sartor submitted a letter of resignation to the New Jersey’s Governor, but didn’t make an admission of guilt. Instead, the resignation only mentioned his desire to spend more time with family.

For those who work on a project the politics surrounding the big business of construction aren’t important. Men and women who work on a site have other concerns such as the support and security of their family. Earning a paycheck might mean hard work, but no one should be exposed to unnecessary risk.

Construction workers run a high risk of painful injury, and many are left disabled or unable to work after a serious accident. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to access not only the financial costs of the injuries, but also to look at any unnecessary and prevent hazards, which could have led to a preventable accident.

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