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Driver Suspected of DUI in Connection to the Death of "Dr. Vodka"

Driver Suspected of DUI in Connection to the Death of "Dr. Vodka"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported that 33,561 people were killed in traffic crashes in 2012. That accounts for 31% of traffic fatalities for that year. Every year crashes related to alcohol use occur in spite of pleas coming from law enforcement, prevention groups, and even businesses that sell alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, there will always be those who chose to act irresponsibly and pay little heed to the warnings.

Andres Esteban Toro 53, has been charged in the April 23rd crash that resulted in the death of Malcolm Lloyd his brother-in-law. Lloyd, 42 who started the Old Nassau Imports, was known as “Dr. Vodka” and was credited with having created the popular brand known as Double Cross. Lloyd had a degree in medicine, and studied biomedical engineering at John Hopkins University. According to the police reports he was killed instantly.

Raul Alfonzo, 42 was also injured in the crash, which occurred when Toro slammed his Lamborghini into Alfonzo’s vehicle was stopped at a red light when Toro’s vehicle struck from behind. It’s believed that Toro was traveling at 120 mph when the vehicles collided. Because of the excessive speed the vehicles were hurled into the air at impact. The Lamborghini landed over 100 yards from the site of initial crash.

Alfonzo, who works as a personal trainer and a bouncer, was listed in critical, but stable condition according to reports after the crash.

Cases such as this demonstrate the need for intervention not only by law enforcement, but also from the civil courts. Those who lose loved one’s, care givers, and the breadwinner of a family will need compensation for what was for the drunk driver a thoughtless and negligent act. Those who are injured in such acts will frequently have a need for physical therapy and other types of long-term medical care.

The lives of individuals who are affected by drunk driving are left interrupted when plans, hopes and dreams are wiped out or forever altered because one person decides he or she is “sober enough” to drive. In taking drunk drivers to court victims have a chance to have their pain and suffering acknowledged.

If you or a loved one has been injured or tragically lost due to the irresponsible acts of a drunken driver, give us a call at the Perecman Law Firm, P.L.L.C. We specialize in accident and personal injury cases and we can get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free legal consultation.


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