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Adirondack Northway Multi-Car Accident, Tips to Avoid Winter Driving Accidents and Winter Driving Liability

Adirondack Northway Multi-Car Accident, Tips to Avoid Winter Driving Accidents and Winter Driving Liability

An Overview of the Multi-Car Accident

Snowy weather led to a multi-car pileup Feb. 2 on the Adirondack Northway. More than a dozen cars, trucks and tractor-trailers were involved. As reported by the Daily Freeman, at least 16 cars were counted at the scene of the accident, with six having gone off the road.

Heavy snow and wind had made driving conditions dangerous.

One driver involved in the accident told the paper he couldn’t see the accident in front of him because of the snow. A truck driver said the roads were slippery.

The accident led to a partial closure of both the north and southbound lanes of the upstate New York road.

The National Weather Service reports that 70 percent of fatalities related to ice and snow result from vehicle accidents.

Auto Accidents and Winter Driving

Snow is one of the top causes of car accidents.

Here are some tips for avoiding auto accidents while driving in inclement winter weather:

1. Don’t drive in the snow if you can avoid it.

2. Look and steer. Remember to “steer into the skid” and then gradually straighten it as the car recovers. Keep looking in the desired direction of travel.

3. Drive extra slowly.

4. Don’t underestimate how slippery the roads can be.

5. Keep your distance. Stay further back from the cars in front of you. Slippery roads mean drivers need more room to stop or maneuver in an emergency.

6. Anticipate black ice.Black ice lurks in areas such as bridges and intersections, looking exactly like dry or slightly wet asphalt. This sheet of ice can cause your car to skid.

During winter weather conditions, all drivers must account for weather-related factors to avoid getting into an accident.

Winter Car Accident Liability

In severe winter conditions drivers must exercise reasonable care in order to maintain control of their vehicles. If a driver loses control after failing to act reasonably, he or she may be responsible for any damages caused to other drivers and vehicles, despite the weather.

A car accident caused by winter weather often involves complicated liability issues. The simple liability issue in good weather can become very much more complex when winter driving conditions are a factor in the accident and/or there are multiple parties and other factors.

When a driver is using reasonable caution and is still involved in a winter auto accident, he or she should consult an experienced car accident lawyer.

In some circumstances, the liability may be shifted from a person to a city, state, business or entity other than the driver.

Winter driving accidents involving more than two cars make it all the more difficult to determine the levels of liability. Insurance companies representing each driver will attempt to prove another driver did not use reasonable care when driving in the winter. A jury may ultimately determine that road conditions were to blame for the accident.

To learn more about the rights of New York car accident victims, please visit our New York Motor Vehicle Accident resource page.


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